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5 Sleep-Friendly Bedroom Tips for Career Women

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It is becoming more evident that women have a role in Australia's workforce. The career woman is not only driving the economy forward but may revolutionize it with enough time, but this can be hard to do with sleep deprivation.


Yes, it seems that lack of sleep can disrupt things like cognitive functioning and long-term memory, which are important for professionals. Keep in mind that studies show that women are having trouble sleeping. The following are five sleep-friendly tips that can make the bedroom sleep inducing.

1. Work on Lighting

Perhaps one of the most important steps to take is to ensure lighting in the bedroom is optimized for sleep. The brain needs to understand that night has fallen to help a person feel sleepy. This is not going to be easy if there are lights on or if outside light is shining in the room. Purchase blackout curtains that come in different colors to keep light out of the bedroom, and start dimming, or turn off lights an hour before bedtime.

2. Induce Peacefulness

It is important to induce as much peacefulness as possible. It may seem a little unorthodox, but color can help create a sense of peace within the bedroom. Certain colors can help a person feel more alert and awake, like yellow or red just as there are colors that are a little more peaceful, such as green, brown, or blue.

These are relatively soft colors, so the overall style of the bedroom should still be appealing. Try to remove colors that are little too stimulating, and replace them with peaceful colors. Focus on the furniture, quilts, and curtains. All of these changes may feel silly to some people, but this could work, and a good night's sleep is worth the effort.

3. Noise is Not a Friend

Sleep is a very delicate thing, and it can be interrupted by many things, including sound. Career women, like any other career person, have a weakness for alerts related to their careers. This means that the brain reactivates the moment that phone makes a sound, which is the reason the phone must definitely be turned off before heading to bed.

It might also be a good idea to invest in double-pane windows to drown out outside sounds. Heavy and tall furniture against the walls could act like sound insulators, which could muffle out sounds coming from around the house. Heavy carpeting could also help keep noise down to a minimum while sleeping. Sure, ear plugs are a cheaper solution, but some people find these little plugs too uncomfortable to sleep with.

4. Scents for the Night

Scents are not just meant to smell nice. Some of these can induce certain feelings within a person. Some scents are invigorating, such as citrus or peppermint scents while other smells are a little more calming, such as lavender. Studies show that lavender may make a person feel more calm and lower heart rate. Both of these reactions are vital for a good night's sleep.

The key is to find scents that help make the room feel calm. There are a number of essential oils out there that can be tested in order to find the one that works best. A good oil burner or a oil diffuser should help spread the scent around the room before it is time to go to bed. Finding the right scent may take some time, but the results should be worth the effort, so give it some time.

5. Reconsidering the Mattress

A career women who needs her sleep has to pay close attention to her mattress. A good and comfortable mattress can mean the difference between a restful night and a restless night. Career women really do have a lot to worry about the next morning and do not need to deal with drowsiness or body aches, which could be the result of a bad mattress.

So, right off the bat, it is important to invest in good Melbourne mattresses to ensure that the bed is comfortable enough. Any bit of discomfort could make it hard for a person to fall asleep. This means the mattress should be firm but not too firm because the curves of the body need to be cushioned. The firmness is vital to ensure that the spine is always supported, which helps prevent back aches. Career women who have noticed they are uncomfortable in bed may want to consider updating as soon as possible.


Hopefully, some of this information makes it easier for career women to create an oasis of rest after a long day's work. A good night's sleep is vital for any career person to be ready to take on new challenges the next day.

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