Tips to make you a better host

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Everyone wants to be a good entertainer, to run the house that people want to visit and be the host or hostess who seems to be able to take anything in their stride. But that is not easy, in many ways it takes a special type of person to be a relaxed and comfortable host, but there are definitely plans and strategies that can be put into place to ensure that the job is easier than it looks. Because the truth is, a significant part of being a good host is about the background preparation that takes place, long before any guests arrive. Here are some tips to help you be the host that everyone envies and who everyone wants to visit.

Create dedicated entertainment areas

Part of successful entertaining is ensuring that you have a place where guests can be entertained. A dedicated area of the house that allows for relaxed conversation or even partying. An open plan living area plays strongly to this idea, but that is not always an option without major renovations. Another solution to this is a nice outside patio or veranda area that is sheltered and well kitted out. There is so much quality furniture available for these areas as well that it is very easy to create a comfortable and cosy entertainment area. Run an online search for something like outdoor settings Melbourne to find some examples of what is available. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Always plan ahead

It might sound like a simple thing to say, but part of seeming like you are always ready to host guests is the preparation. Make sure that you have simple things like beer and wine and chips and dips ready to go. That way, when unexpected guests pop in for a quick hello or to hang out, you will have more than a cup of tea to offer. And if you are the type of person who likes those type of drop in visits you can be sure that word will get around pretty quickly that yours is the house to visit, not just for the excellent company but for the good food and your always open arms.

Host regularly

The more frequently you have people over the easier it gets. So do it often and pretty soon you will find that you have relaxed into it completely. It’s the same as any activity really, jogging or knitting or anything else – quite simply, practice makes perfect.

Make more than required

Once you have got into the zone where people are regularly popping in to visit, then you need to start anticipating those visits. If there are just two of you at home, anticipate a knock on the door and when cooking your dinner make enough to feed four. That way, if nobody pops in you have already sorted out a meal for yourself for the next day, and if people do pop past then you have enough food to stretch into some extra potions. It’s a great way to make people feel welcome and to ensure that the open door policy that you want is applied effectively.



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