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Tired of feeling cold? Here's how you can keep yourself warm

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Whether it be waiting for a bus or having a walk outside, everybody is looking for a way to feel warm on a cold and chilly winter's day. When in the cold, some preventative measures have to be taken to keep your body warm and avoid it from losing heat to the surrounding environment. It becomes a challenge to keep your body warm on cold days. As the temperature difference between it and the environment increases, heat within your body is lost at a faster rate. Whether buying thicker sweaters or looking at an infrared sauna for sale, it is a good idea to keep yourself warm to avoid any type of cold-related sickness. Winter is a great time of the year consisting of Christmas holidays and a lot of fun, but freezing winds and snow can make it hard for you to step outside. Today we are going to share with you some tips that you can use to keep yourself warm without worrying about the cold and avoiding cold-related illnesses.

Bundle Up

Wearing layered clothes help with trapping heat, keeping you warm in the cold. You should wear at least three layers of loose-fitting clothes to provide ample amounts of insulation. Wear clothes consisting of wool, nylon or any other form of synthetic material in 3 different layers to avoid heat from escaping from your body, keeping you warm at all times. Avoid wrapping up clothes too tightly as it restricts blood circulation, which is necessary to keep your body warm.

Eat Fatty Food

If you plan to stay outside for a long time, it is ideal that you fuel your body properly. You shouldn't worry about eating too many calories as it is a good thing to do so in the winter season. Whenever we eat any kind of food, our body releases some heat as a by-product of a certain process. This process called the thermogenic effect. You should consider eating fatty foods as they require the most amount of energy to break them down. One gram of fat equals nine calories, which is more when compared to carbohydrates and protein, which contain four calories per gram.

Use Hand-Warmers

The use of hand warmers is probably the easiest way of keeping yourself and your hands warm. Handwarmers are usually inexpensive and can be bought at any store or even online. They are made up of iron, salt, water, activated carbon, and mineral vermiculture. When exposed to oxygen, they generate heat upon activation.

Drink Something Hot

Soups and hot drinks make you feel warm, be it for a short period. Drinking something warm activates the receptors at the back of your throat, which allows you to sweat and generate heat from your body. Holding a hot cup or glass in your hands also keeps your palms and fingers warm. Consider having hot beverages like tea or coffee or have a yummy bowl of hot chicken soup.

Stay Active

It is a good idea that you consider keeping yourself active instead of sitting in your house in the cold. Do some light exercise or even consider getting up and walking in your room every hour. Keeping yourself active makes you sweat, which promotes good blood circulation in your body, keeping you warm.

Avoid Sitting Under a Fan After Showering

Nobody likes to take a shower on a very cold morning, but showering every day is a part of everybody's routine. If you decide to take a shower in the morning, it is a good idea that you avoid sitting under a fan after you get out of the shower. When your wet body comes in contact with the air, the water starts to evaporate from your body, causing you to feel colder than usual.

Eat Spicy Food

Have you ever wondered why you start to sweat whenever you eat a piece of jalapeno or chilli? This happens because your body goes in a state of temporary shock from the heat of the chillies, and you start to sweat, and your body becomes warm. You can use this to your advantage when it is really cold. Consider eating spicy food to keep yourself sweating and warm. But, if you have a stomach problem, it would be a good idea to avoid chillies or spicy food in general. Mexican food like a taco is a good example.

Use Space Heaters

Using a space heater can help in keeping a small area of your home warm. There are two types of space heaters; a convection type, and a radiant type. A convection type heater consists of a fan that blows hot air throughout a small room while a radiant type is used to keep a specific part of a room warm. Both types of heaters can be found in gas and electrical offerings. It is a good idea to keep pets and children away from space heaters to avoid the chance of getting burned. Here is a list of good room heaters that you can buy online.

Wear The Right Boots

Wearing insulated boots doesn't mean that they will allow your feet to stay warm at all times. Boots that are not sealed properly will allow moisture to get inside them and turn them into ice blocks. Look for something that has a high IPX rating. Consider getting boots than are IP-8 rated, as it is the highest waterproofing rating. This would allow you to dunk your whole foot in water without getting any inside your boot. Also, consider buying them one size bigger to fit in big wool socks.

The Finals Words

Keeping yourself warm in the winter can be a big challenge for anybody. If you feel cold, you would usually want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket just to try to avoid it. But, by doing so, you would be missing out on having fun outside in the snow. Study shows that people usually become lazy and unproductive in winters, especially in January, when it is the coldest. Today we have made you aware of some of the things that you can do to keep yourself warm, even on the coldest of days, so you can go out and enjoy yourself, instead of being lazy and staying inside your room the whole time.


Tired of feeling cold? Here's how you can keep yourself warm

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