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Fun Activities for Spending Quality Time with Your Kids

  • Written by Scarlet Gratton

Fun Activities for Spending Quality Time with Your Kids

Kids take over a great period of your day and as we all know, they’re a big responsibility. But when coming home from work, without another cup of coffee, we sometimes might not be able to give our kids the attention they need. Whether your kids are in kindergarten, primary school or older, they require your attention and they are willing to engage in mutual activities. If you are wishing for an uncommon activity both you and your kids can enjoy, these are some of the suggestions.

Cook together

Whether you and your kids like cooking or not, trying out a new interesting recipe you recently read in a magazine might be an interesting experiment for both sides. Don’t be afraid to get your kitchen dirty because that’s what makes experimenting fun! While playing around with different groceries and spices, you can discover tasty new recipes and also bond with your kids. Remember to support them to take on the kitchen by themselves – with given freedom, they will become more independent.

Play games together

Twister, Monopoly, Pictionary and Charades are just some of the ideas that always work as fun for the whole family. These games can provide several hours of creative fun and help family bonding. Organizing a game night tournament and inviting over family friends is also a good idea. A family tournament in playing pool or darts can be even more fun for older children.

Go camping together

Sometimes, a change of environment is all that’s needed to improve the family atmosphere. If you are in for a real adventure, then camping is the best activity. With the right camping equipment, the experience of sleeping, eating and overall living outdoor can be fun for the whole family. A hike in the mountains, a canoe ride down the river or just a walk through the woods can make this adventure a weekend to remember.

Go to a concert together

When it comes to music, there is no guarantee that you can overcome the generation gap that exists between you and your children. Even so, try introducing them to some of your favorite music, and even more importantly, be interested in what they listen to. If you don’t like their music taste at first, try to understand where their affection comes from. If you find a common language, ask them to go to a concert with you. This is not only a way of spending quality family time, but also a way to connect to your kids and understand them better.

Do physical activities together

Long working hours can leave you with no motivation to engage in any physical activity whatsoever. When it comes to training, try looking up to your children. They are young and full of energy which you can easily “steal” if you spend enough time with them. Whether it’s ballet, basketball or just jogging, you can make time for at least one training session with your kids per week. Not only will you spend more time with them, but you will feel better after some sports activities as well!

Watch a movie or a play together

Let your children choose a movie and spend a lazy evening with them. If you are willing to get out of the house, see what’s new at the local cinema or theater. Give a handful of plays your child can choose from. Today there are many different theaters made especially for children, and there’s a variety of genres to choose from as well. Don’t persuade your kids to share your taste but respect their own and help them form their personal opinion.

Whatever activity you choose, try communicating with your kids and tell them why this certain activity is important to you. For example, if they go to an art gallery with you, make an agreement to go to their favorite places with them as well. If they are willing to take you to their favorite playground, park, café or cinema, you will find the joys of youth again and improve the relationship with your kids. Spending time with your kids can be fulfilling on both ends. Quality time can be any time you choose to spend with your kids in a way both you and they enjoy it.

Scarlet is a passionate writer and a regular contributor at interested in fashion, lifestyle, and health. She loves traveling, you could say that she is a real travel addict, especially when she has a chance to visit some exotic destinations. She would tell you that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.


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