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10 Unmissable Attractions for first time visitors to Melbourne

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Melbourne, the most fantastic city in Australia!

If this is your first ever travel experience in Melbourne, well it is guaranteed that you are never going to forget it. The metropolitan hub has a lot to offer to its visors, both within the city and the outskirts. There are so many attractions that you can feel overwhelmed when researching what to see and what to skip or where to even begin. You can browse Groupon deals on things to do in Melbourne to learn about the top deals as well as lower the costs.

Here are some unmissable attractions for first-time visitors to Melbourne!

  1. Explore the lanes of Melbourne and enjoy visiting those unique shopping boutiques, shops, and cafés. It is hard to resist the city’s beautiful arcades and street art down the Collins Street and Little Bourke Street.

  2. Shop for the local arts and crafts and especially the vintage fashion in the open-air markets. Enjoy street-style food as you pick handmade pieces from emerging local designers. You can be sure of laying your hands on one-of-a-kind and unique pieces of art or apparel.

  3. Dine at famous restaurants and eateries like Ben Shewry’s, and a string of other casual restaurants. You must visit the Vietnamese street for the delicious and tastiest cheap eats.

  4. Make a trip to the world's first Ferris wheel, the largest observation wheel in the Southern Melbourne. Enjoy panoramic views of the city and its skyline.

  5. Enjoy drinks at those high-altitude rooftop bars amidst the bohemian neighborhoods where you can sip your cocktails as well as get great views of the Melbourne city.

  6. If you love sports, you can join the fun at the (MCG), the Australian Football League or enjoy one of those international cricket matches. Experience the excitement of the high-speed racetrack at Albert Park.

  7. Mornington Enchanted Adventure Garden is a must for families with children. You will love exploring those unique & challenging mazes and the tour slides where you slide down the slope in brightly colored tubes.

  8. Head for National Gallery of Victoria to learn about the vibrant arts and culture of the city. Here you can enjoy looking at more than 70,000 works at exhibitions, events, and collections.

  9. Take a balloon flight over Melbourne which is indeed a remarkable experience, especially at sunrise. There are very few cities where you can traverse by hot air balloon, and Melbourne is one of them. Sail past the sparkling skyscrapers and follow the Yarra River and it is just you in the balloon and the sky.

  10. St Andrews Beach Ride is another must for the first time visitors to Melbourne. Enjoy the two-hour ride along the beach and the wide panoramic ocean views. Do not worry about your horse-riding experience or skills as you will get a safety briefing and will have experienced guides with you at all times.

The above are just a few of the countless attractions Melbourne has to offer. There is a lot more to do and see here, and a lot depends on what you are looking for.


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