Cut Costs On Your Utility Bills This Year

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The vast majority of us, even those of us with a decent salary and a comfortable lifestyle, are always on the lookout for ways to save a little bit of cash. If you’re just scraping by and barely surviving on your paycheck, then cutting down on the cost of your bills could completely change your life and help you get to the end of the month without a crisis. If you’re financially comfortable, you could still save more and grow your wealth by saving money. What’s more, you’ll be shrinking your carbon footprint and helping out our precious planet earth while you’re shrinking your outgoing expenses. Here’s how to get started.

Change your energy source.

Still using old-fashioned energy to keep your home powered up? Why not get on board with the technology that’s transforming the way many Australians light up their homes. Solar panels and hot water installation perth is an awesome way to invest in your financial future. While there may be initial costs involved in installation, you’ll now be getting your home’s energy directly from the sun, which costs nothing at all, rather than paying the electricity company. Just imagine how much you could save in the long run, and how much brighter our planet’s future would be if we all made the switch.


Switch off more often.

If something in your home isn’t being used, why is it still switched on? Change the way you think about your plugged-in electronics and everything around the house that’s running up your electricity bill. Not heating something up in the microwave? Switch off the plug. Turn off your laptop charger and other unnecessary devices and power sources before you get into bed. These simple steps will only take you a few seconds but could cause a major drop on your next bill.


Get the temperature right.

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their home and you have every right to do so, but heating up or cooling down your home, depending on the season, could be costing you a fortune. Consider other ways of keeping a comfortable temperature in your household. Checking on the insulation of your window areas and roofing or attic space could lead to a significant change in how much heating you need to use in the winter. Improving your ventilation, taking off a layer and closing the blinds may drastically decrease your heat levels without requiring constant air conditioning. Experiment with other temperature control techniques that don’t involve excessive energy usage.


Change your laundry habits.

Many people aren’t aware of just how much more energy is used when you set your washing machine to a high heat while doing laundry. Does it really need to be hot-washed? Assess your laundry beforehand and consider whether a cold wash could do the job just as well. When it comes to drying, setting up a clothing line and pegging up your clothes to dry on sunny days is the ideal way to quickly cut out an energy-inefficient drain on your wallet.


Modernise your lighting.

Still using old-school light bulbs? They don’t last long, use up far too much electricity, and are generally no good compared to the newer LED energy-efficient alternatives. Switch over and you should see an immediate difference in your electricity bill.


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Cut Costs On Your Utility Bills This Year

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