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Shopping Malls Design Trends Driven by Millennials

  • Written by Chloe Taylor

The Millennial generation is introducing many innovations and strongly influencing our habits and current trends. So, it’s not really that surprising that today’s shopping malls are nothing like the ones from 20 years ago. Today, all the attention is focused on efficiency and e-commerce has become a part of Millennials’ life urging the real-estate industry to adapt and find a way to offer something that can’t be simply bought online. In other words, the focus is shifted from the products themselves to entertainment. Let’s now take a look at some of the most amazing shopping mall design trends driven by Millennials.

Sustainable design is here to stay

First things first, the Millennial generation is extremely environmentally-conscious and pays a lot of attention to sustainability and green, energy-efficient solutions. Therefore, if a shopping mall wants to appeal to them, it needs to be built according to certain standards and requirements. For example, the integration of nature has become common, especially indoors with the aim of creating a relaxing atmosphere and improving the air quality. Additionally, other sustainable solutions that are most often seen in today’s shopping malls include energy-efficient lighting, solar panels and water-saving bathroom faucets and toilets.

The more natural light the better

One of the most obvious trends in shopping mall design is the use of natural light. Unlike 20 years ago, designers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of letting daylight in. Studies have shown that the presence of sunlight is likely to increase sales since people feel good and tend to spend a lot of time in well-lit spaces which contributes to their willingness to shop more. Additionally, the use of natural light sends a positive message that the shopping mall cares about our nature and wants to contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint and the preservation of the environment. However, when it’s not possible to exploit the daylight, shopping mall designers will always opt for energy-saving LEDs that cast a natural-looking light and create a truly pleasant atmosphere.

A great location is everything

Nowadays, we are all in a constant hurry, so if the shopping mall can’t be easily reached by public transport, it’s most likely that Millennials won’t bother to visit it. Therefore, aside from opting for a design that will meet customers’ expectations, shopping malls must be located somewhere accessible. So, instead of being built in the suburban areas as they used to be, more and more shopping centres now are situated in highly urban parts of the city close to business premises and numerous other amenities. Take Sydney as example.

High-life experience is essential

Even though not all Millennials can afford expensive brands, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to experience luxury even when shopping in less expensive retail stores. That unique atmosphere of elegance and extravagance is what shopping malls are expected to offer and world-renowned experts like the architecture firm from Hong Kong are well-aware of it. They manage to achieve this effect easily by incorporating cleaner and brighter lighting accompanied by minimalistically-designed furniture that adds a refreshing feel to the entire space.

Food is fashion as well

As we’ve already mentioned, shopping malls must offer much more than simple shopping if they want to attract the millennial customers and show them that online commerce can’t still replace the real-life one. For instance, food has become an essential part of this experience and today’s shopping centres are equipped with special food corners where one can taste a wide variety of cuisines. Having this in mind, it shouldn’t be a surprise that many Millennials started frequenting malls just to get a quick bite or have a cup of coffee with their friends. All of this has led to shopping malls turning into popular places for social gatherings and family lunches.

Entertainment is the key

Finally, today’s generation of young people are used to being pampered and entertained through social media and other types of technology. Therefore, if a shopping mall wants to stay relevant, it must be fully equipped with all the latest technology, gadgets and preferably a state-of-the-art cinema that will give customers a reason to stay here longer and spend more. On top of that, fashion shows in the USA mall’s halls and small concerts for holidays have become a norm and one of the reasons why people stay faithful to their chosen shopping venue.

The Millennial generation has definitely added a new sense to the word “shopping” which has consequently brought many changes into the existing shopping malls. They are no longer the place where we go just to buy clothes, but also a spot for social gatherings, lunch and relaxation, which is all reflected in their architectural design.




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Shopping Malls Design Trends Driven by Millennials

The Millennial generation is introducing many innovations and strongly influencing our habits and current trends. So, it’s not really that surprising that today’s shopping malls are nothing like the ones...

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