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5 Small Business Threats You Might Have to Face

  • Written by Diana Smith

Many of us dream about running our own business, and while this can be rewarding, it also comes with a certain set of risks you will simply have to take. No matter what kind of business you want to run, identifying the threats you might have to face is a must. That said, we came up with a list of five biggest small business threats and advice on how to deal with them effectively.

Injuries at work

Whether you’re running a warehouse or a store, there’s always a chance your employees will get hurt. The problem with this is that not only does it mean you will have to pay them a compensation coverage but it also means you’ll be responsible for their medical bills. Moreover, employee injuries can seriously affect productivity in your company. Therefore, doing whatever you can to minimize the risk of injuries at work is highly recommended. The best way to do it is to educate your team members on workplace safety and take all the safety precautions you can.


There’s no need to say that you don’t want anyone to break into your office and steal your company’s belongings or destroy your equipment. However, many burglars tend to target small businesses, since many of these don’t invest enough money in security. This means you should definitely take a chunk of your budget and use it to improve your company’s security. For example, you can create name tags and make sure all of your employees wear them. Investing in a security system is also something you just can’t go wrong with. It deters crime before it happens and it helps you identify burglars.

Poor power quality

We all rely on power in our everyday lives and, when running a business, using high-quality power is an absolute must. This is especially the case in certain industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals or food industry. In order to make sure poor power quality doesn’t become an issue, you should do whatever you can to improve your power quality. Luckily, you can now get a power quality analyzer and monitor any low voltage circuits. Also, there are experts who can help you come up with ways for getting the most out of your power.

Key person loss

Many small businesses out there rely on the talent they currently have. If this is the case in your company, there’s always a risk your key person will leave for a position at another business. Also, your employees may leave due to an injury. Whatever their reasons for leaving happen to be, this can put your business in an undesirable position. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen to you, you should constantly invest in your employees’ training. That way, your other team members will be able to take on the key roles in case someone decides to leave.

Human errors

Another threat you might have to face are human errors. Sometimes, misplacing a document or falling for a scam can seriously hurt your business. While there may not be ways to protect your business from human errors completely, there are a few things you can do to minimize the risks of such mistakes. Firstly, you should educate your employees on how to protect the company’s sensitive information. Moreover, you should come up with a strict mobile devices policy, especially when it comes to their access to the files.

Identifying all of these threats is just the first step. Once you know what are the biggest threats your small business might face, working on how to avoid them is a must. Just bear in mind that there are all kinds of other troubles that could arise and slow your operations down.



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