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Slots Secrets

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Slot machines at Baocasino are created in order to bring player random results, or at least results that people can program on random computers. They were programmed with a specified payback percentage that is able to give the winning. Sometimes it is difficult for players to correspond two statements because they seem to be opposite.

Other questions follow from the listed above. Doesn't the programmed payback percentage mean that slots should have cold streaks to compensate for hot streaks or large jackpots? What about bonus rounds?

Short answer for all these questions is rather simple: slots can be random and also there can be programmed payback percentage. 

Let's look at each of these cases separately. 

Slots are random and have a programmed return percentage.

The result of each spin of the reels of the slot is random at each spin. Nut if to take into consideration situation when there are over hundreds of thousands or millions of games, the odds of the slot will lead to the expected payback percentage. 

Craps is random in the sense that any amount of two dice can come on any roll, but has the equivalent of the programmed payback percent on the border of the house. Roulette is also random.

In the same way, the player on slot machines gets the payback percentage. Slots can have many more random numbers per drum than six per die.

The chances of the game create the fact that the combination of reels of the slots will increase in the expected proportions over a very long time.



90 percent payback in millions of spins means that players get $ 900,000. 

In case if the player decided to add one spin so that the total bet will be $ 1,000,001, the total profit will be $ 905,000.

The main fact is that the player can win or lose a lot in a short session.



In bonus events “choose a prize”, the choice of player matters. When different badges hide different prizes, and the player touch or click on the badge, he gets a hidden credit prize. 

If the player selects a different icon, that would automatically bring a different prize. If all potential prizes are revealed at the end of the round, this is tantamount to the prizes that were advertised. As for the licensed jurisdictions, there actually must be available any advertised prizes. 

So it’s impossible to predetermine the prize. It depends on luck. No one in reality can predict would it be successful or not. 

This makes players wonder how a random machine can really handle this. Is it necessary to pre-determine the prize in the payback percentage? 

The answer is rather clear because the prize should not be predetermined. The player can use the average result, because the results will lead to rewards. 

The choice matters, the prize varies, and there is no need for a predefined prize.

And just like in other programmed, but so far random dilemmas that players find in slots, random results will lead the game to the expected payback percentage.


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Slots Secrets

Slot machines at Baocasino are created in order to bring player random results, or at least results that people can program on random computers. They were programmed with a specified...

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