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5 Ways to Style Your Winter Wardrobe Essentials Into Versatile Outfits

  • Written by Sophia Smith

Winter is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable seasons. Trendy, yet cozy outfits are a trademark of the colder months, and it seems that there is no limit set on the creative ways in which we can assemble a gorgeous winter look. However, this in no way means that one needs access to a limitless number of clothing items in order to master the art of winter fashion style. It is possible to style a number of lovely winter outfits with a few wardrobe essentials and we bring you tips on how to do it.

Hair accessory can elevate even the most basic looks

Although wearing colorful headpieces seems like a thing of the summer fashion, this does not mean that a romantic winter look can’t be styled with a trendy headband. Go for a cool headband and spice up a classic, comfy winter outfit, such as one consisting out of a pair of wide-leg jeans and a cute knit, or channel your inner Blair Waldorf and match the hair accessory with a charming dress and a pair of elegant high heels.

If you are opting for a bit more delicate hair accessory, then bejeweled hairpins are just the right thing for you. A pearl hairpin, or even a few of them, will look incredible with a sleek bun or high ponytail. You can wear them to elevate a classic, business look, with a casual knit dress, or even when heading off to a romantic dinner in a long-sleeved dress and an elegant coat.

Minimalistic jewelry will perfectly complement your winter wardrobe

Classic black and white, a million shades of grey and earthy tones are what we love to wear during the winter. From coats to sweaters and trousers, tonal dressing allows us to be creative with warm tones and to master monochromatic looks. However, to get a luxurious winter look, one needs jewelry, and minimalistic pieces go perfectly along with tailored coats and chunky knits. You can implement dainty diamond studs, a silver cuff bracelet and get one of the elegant marble watches that will add a touch of ultimate sophistication to any winter outfit. Even if you are in a hurry, a lovely watch will look amazing with a pair of grey knee-high boots and a white knit dress or with a pair of checkered trousers and a camel turtleneck.

A versatile teddy coat to keep you warm and stylish

Teddy coats have become a staple winter item for women around the globe. Quite practical and cozy, this type of fluffy coats is perfect to layer over a suit when going to work in the mornings or even over an elegant slip dress matched with a pair of stilettos when going for a night out. A trendy teddy coat, in a classic camel shade or even in a bold red, will keep you warm when you do errands around the town or meet with friends for a cup of coffee. Many celebrities love wearing their favorite coat over a double denim look and a pair of sneakers, or even mixed with a skirt and a cashmere sweater, and some chunky, heeled boots.

Bodysuits and lots of layers

Bodysuits are a must in every woman’s winter wardrobe. They are extremely versatile and can be worn with multiple outfits. You definitely need a couple in basic white and black, but you can also be fashionable with more colorful or even patterned bodysuits. You can layer them under basically any other clothing item (thus keeping you warm) or wear them on their own, for example, a chic pair of high-waisted trousers and an animal print long-sleeved bodysuit will make an exceptional winter look. All you need to add is a pair of chunky boots and some subtle jewelry. On the other hand, a romantic skirt will be accentuated even more if you pair it with a basic white bodysuit. Opt for a white teddy coat and suede over-the-knee boots to stylishly finish off this look.

Scarves-the ultimate winter accessory

Whether you go for a chunky, knit one, a chic cashmere one, or another kind of a scarf, you are guaranteed to look amazing and feel cozy and warm. A truly versatile and useful piece of clothing, scarves are also incredibly fashionable. You can wear them with your coats, biker jackets, or even on their own, layered on top of a knit dress. Go for a colorful scarf and match it with a classic jeans-and-sweater combination to get a fresh and modern look.

Finally, follow these tips, be creative and play with your winter wardrobe essentials to get some chic and unique fashion looks.

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