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How To Show Your Elderly Relatives Love

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At every stage of our lives, there’s one thing we truly need above all else: love. As our elderly parents, grandparents, or other relatives we care about grow older, it can be difficult to express how we feel. You may feel that your relative has changed as a result of illness or age, or is difficult to communicate with. This doesn’t mean they don’t still need the same love, affection, and care as the rest of us. Use these ideas to make sure you’re demonstrating love to your elderly family members and helping them to maintain a good quality of life.

Make sure their needs are being met.

If your elderly relative is no longer able to live at home by themselves, or you’re having trouble caring for them at home, then a wonderful way to demonstrate your love for them in a practical way is to help them find the right living space to meet their specific needs. You can help them to tour aged care homes camberwell, assist them financially if possible to ensure they get the best possible care, and help make sure the transition from their home life to an aged care home is as smooth and comfortable as possible. If you’re able to care for them in your own home, ensure that you have the best possible set-up for their needs and that they’re included (if they want to be) in the family’s daily routine as much as possible.


Demonstrate affection.

Sometimes we forget how powerful a simple touch can be. As a person grows older, they often experience less touch, particularly if they’ve lost their spouse and have been living alone. When you visit your loved one, remember to give them a loving hug, a kiss, or to hold their hand while talking to them to provide tangible evidence of your love for them.


Reminisce with them.

A walk down memory lane can provide plenty of wonderful moments of nostalgia for your relative. Bring over home videos to watch together, look through photo albums, and ask plenty of questions about the past if you see that it makes them happy. If you’re included in the memories or photo albums, let your loved one know just how precious those moments were to you and how important and special they’ve been as a figure in your life.


Create a pleasant environment.

If you often visit your relative and it seems they’re no longer able to keep their home in the way they used to or create the kind of environment you know they enjoy, do it for them so they can feel comfortable and serene in their surroundings. This also goes for your loved ones who are in care homes. Bring flowers, scented candles, framed photographs or decor that you know they’ll enjoy to ensure they’re surrounded by beauty and tranquility.


Call often.

This one may seem simple, but it’s sadly neglected by many younger relatives. Your loved one often will greatly appreciate just a simple phone call as a reminder that you care for them. Make a scheduled time each week (or more often, if you’re able) that you call them and check in. Don’t forget to end the call with an, ‘I love you.’

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