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What Is Laser Dentistry?

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Laser dentistry has been around since 1989. Yet not many people know that it is an option when going to the dentist. Certain procedures allow for the use of lasers. It can be an alternative option for those who might have a fear of visiting their dentist.


Laser dentistry is used in hard and soft tissue procedures, meaning the teeth and gums.


Laser dentistry procedures can include:


Early detection of cavities


When using a laser your dentist can detect any signs of early tooth decay, thus preventing any further cavities by tackling the issue as soon as possible.


Those with sensitive teeth


Laser dentistry can be used to help with sensitive teeth by targeting the tooth’s root and closing up any tubules that might be causing the sensitivity in the first place.


Dental fillings


Cavities usually have a lot of bacteria but by using a laser your dentist can easily kill said bacteria and thus sometimes eliminating the use of anesthesia and/or drills.


Wisdom teeth


When your wisdom teeth decide to make an appearance your dentist can use a laser to expose more of the tooth or teeth.


Limited movement


Your dentist can make use of a laser to remove any muscles that might be limiting the movement of your mouth.




If a biopsy treatment is needed, your dentist can use a laser to make the procedure less invasive than that of a drill.




Some people might have a gum line that tends to take the center stage where it is their teeth that should be shining. A laser can be used to reshape the gum line so the smile is less “gummy” and more pearly whites.


If choosing to make use of laser dentistry you will greatly reduce the time it will take for your gums or teeth to heal because it is less invasive. If you are someone who is afraid of the dentist you will enjoy more comfort and peace of mind. During treatment, the trauma is greatly reduced because as mentioned earlier, it is not as invasive as certain other treatments can be. Bleeding and swelling will also be minimal if done correctly, so you can get on with your life without having to worry about your mouth being swollen and painful for too long.


Even though there are cons, if done properly and professionally you will have nothing to worry about.


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