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Nose surgery began as a reconstructive procedure several centuries ago. At the end of the 19th century it was used for the first time for aesthetic purposes, since then it has evolved a lot, achieving very satisfactory, natural and lasting results, which have a great impact on all the aesthetics of the face.

That is why it is considered one of the most effective beautifications and rejuvenation surgeries. Besides, for having a relatively short recovery time and lacking visible scars, it constitutes the preferred cosmetic surgery of the male population.

Dr William Mooney explains rhinoplasty as a surgical procedure that serves to correct or overcome aesthetic and/or functional problems in the nasal area. There are two types: aesthetic or reconstructive rhinoplasty; it depends on the type of problem you want to treat.


When the objective is aesthetic, it is preferable to expect that the nasal structures involved have completed their development and that the patient is in a good state of organic and psychological health.

There is much controversy regarding the minimum age recommended for its use. Still, there is a consensus that to avoid serious consequences on self-esteem, most specialists recommend this operation after 17 years in men and 15 years in the women.


The most common is called the open and closed technique. The difference between them lies among other things because the open leaves a small scar in a little noticeable area of ​​the lower part of the nose called the columella. This allows obtaining greater precision in the modifications due to the better exposure of the bone structures.

In contrast, the closed technique does not leave scars on external areas of the nose and is indicated for most cases without complications. It also allows many modifications and, due to the lesser extent of tissue manipulation, has a shorter recovery time.


Some surgeons prefer general anesthesia, other local anesthesia and most in our environment, local anesthesia with sedation. Both are valid options, depending on the case, although it is advisable to always have the presence of an anesthesiologist for the best option.

Like any cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty does not have to be painful, either during or after surgery. However, some procedures such as septum or septum treatment and nasal fracture require proper anesthetic management provided by an anesthesiologist.

Besides, adequate analgesia and anti-inflammatory management are necessary for postoperative treatment. Currently, with existing medication, pain management is no longer a concern.


The risks of rhinoplasty are almost the same as those of any surgery. However, with a lower incidence: there may be bleeding, bruising, seroma, infection, poor healing, poor results, among others.

Many complications are associated with the patient's factors; a large part of them can be detected and prevented with a good clinical history. And the corresponding clinical exams, other complications may be due to malpractice, in which case it is essential to recommend all patients to do. A careful investigation and selection of the specialist who will treat them, they should check the experience and references in the competent health instances, such as the College of Plastic Surgeons of Peru, and their training.


Although the Surgeon, at the end of the surgery, can visualize the definitive results with great approximation, then the effects of the surgical trauma that conceal the results occur. The results are considered early around the first week, where between 70% and 80% of the final result is displayed, which is only achieved around the year or shortly after that.


Every patient planning rhinoplasty should be aware that they have to live with the obvious side effects of the operation for a few days to weeks: swelling of the nose is expected as well as bruising that extends to the eyelids. Both can change and disfigure the face in the first few days after the operation. Even slight bleeding from the nostrils and restricted nasal breathing are not worrying in the first few days. The dressing is removed after a week. The facial skin is then red and swollen. The worst swellings and hematomas slowly subside in the first three weeks. Then, in principle, the patient is socially acceptable again. Stubborn swellings can be treated with medication.

After about a week, the nerves start to heal. Then there may be a tingling sensation in the wound region. The sense of taste and smell also reappear after one to two weeks.

Patients who have the opportunity to take three or four weeks of vacation should do so - also in order not to endanger wound healing. You can work for three weeks. However, this only applies to activities that are not associated with physically demanding work. Otherwise, there is a risk of bleeding again.


Nose surgery is a major intervention. Wound healing is different for each patient. Those who follow the instructions for aftercare cannot accelerate the healing process, but at least prevent complications from delaying healing.

For the first few days, the patient should avoid small children, impetuous dogs and anything that could lead to nicks on the nose. Cooling your nose and lying with your upper body raised can help the swelling to go away faster.

Make-up can be used again after three to four weeks. If possible, however, this should only be imposed on important social events.

The nose has not yet taken on its final shape at this time. Due to the swelling, the tip of the nose will appear a little raised.


Any patient who undergoes a nose job should have a lot of patience: it is perfectly normal for the nose to swell for up to a year or even a year and a half. Only then does the tip of the nose finally sink into the desired position and the feelings of numbness disappear completely. The final result of the nasal surgery can only be assessed after twelve months or longer. Patients who are not satisfied with the result of the operation and who want a correction should wait at least one year before the nose can be operated on again.


Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging and exciting surgical techniques of Plastic Surgery, requires specialization, experience and constant updating, but in good hands. It is one of the most successful surgeries to achieve beauty and youth. Because it offers natural, predictable results, durable, with good respiratory function, without visible scars. And with relatively short recovery time, so it has one of the highest satisfaction rates in both sexes.

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