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Must-Visit US Destinations for Australians

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Australia is a sought-after travel destination for tourists from around the world for its incredible cities, beautiful landscapes, history, culture, and beyond. Tourists flock to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Great Barrier Reef, the Australian outback, and many other destinations. There’s no shortage of things to do in Australia.

For example, there’s a lot going on in the country this November, from the Melbourne Cup (also known as the race that stops the nation), to the State Rose and Garden Show (the epitome of a classic spring day), to the Wanderlust Festival (which takes place in cities around the world). But sometimes you just need to get away, to take a proper holiday. If you’re interested in taking a trip to the US this season, here are the top destinations you should consider.

New York, New York

NYC is one of the global centers of the world. Tens of millions of people from all over the U.S. and the globe visit the city every year. If you haven’t yet been to the City of Dreams, then it’s time to remedy that. There’s so much to do that you might need to schedule a few follow-up trips just to get a better idea of what all the city has to offer.

On your first visit, you must check out all the usual tourist stops: the Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, Broadway, and the Statue of Liberty. Head to Fifth and Madison Avenues for some shopping, the Met and MoMA for some great art, or Chinatown for the best Chinese food of your life. And don’t forget to get a slice of New York pizza!

Las Vegas, Nevada

This city is very popular with tourists, with tens of millions coming every year to see what all there is to do. You can party all day and all night, play slots and poker at all hours, check out all the casinos along the Strip, eat at one of the city’s famous steakhouses or French restaurants, or see one of Vegas’s many, many shows. After all, there’s a reason Las Vegas has been dubbed the Live Entertainment Capital of the World: From the numerous Cirque du Soleil shows, to the Tournament of Kings, to Terry Fator’s puppet shows, there’s something for everyone. So it’s definitely not a city to miss when you’re in the US if you’re looking for nonstop entertainment.

Los Angeles, California

If you love movies, then La La Land is definitely a city you need to cross off your list as soon as possible. From the retro buildings to the movie sets you’ll pass on the street, you’ll feel as if you were in a movie. For tourists, some of the biggest attractions in L.A. are Hollywood (and the Hollywood sign), Disneyland, and Universal Studios. For example, in Hollywood, you can take a tour of the neighborhood, check out the Walk of Fame, visit Madame Tussauds, or head to the Hollywood Museum for some great movie history.

But if you’re not all about movies — or not only interested in movies — you should also check out Beverly Hills, the famous Griffith Observatory, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), and the Venice boardwalk. Also, if you eat at some of the city’s hottest restaurants, you’ll be sure to see a celebrity or two.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Although smaller than the other cities on this list, New Orleans has no less to offer — by a long shot. The city is known around the world for its history, music, Creole cuisine, annual festivals, nightlife, and architecture. If you’re looking for a party, it’s no secret that the best time to visit New Orleans is during Mari Gras. But if that’s too much for your first visit, head to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter for a taste of the city’s regular nightlife. Then, explore the French Quarter in the daytime for shopping, sights, and market-fresh food.

If you’re looking to get away for a bit, one of these cities will be sure to entertain you and give you the holiday you need!

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Must-Visit US Destinations for Australians

Australia is a sought-after travel destination for tourists from around the world for its incredible cities, beautiful landscapes, history, culture, and beyond. Tourists flock to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold...

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