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6 Simple Rules for Redesigning Your Kitchen

  • Written by Chloe Taylor

How do you feel about your kitchen? Well, if you feel like your home needs a bit of lifting up, one of the best and most effective places to start your redesign is the kitchen! Kitchens are the new living rooms where the family flocks to create tasty meals, have a cup of coffee or just spend time together. That’s why your kitchen deserves to be in tip-top shape. Here are a few rules that will help you design a chic, modern and functional cooking space.

Go with a contemporary colour

If you have those classic wooden cabinets or plain white ones, you definitely need to do something to freshen up your look! Try going with very contemporary greys that are slowly reaching the top spot, right after white. Grey is very modern, sleek and elegant and it fits well with almost any design and shade. Combining cabinet colours is another great trend you can try. For instance, think soft grey bottom cabinets combined with spotless white hanging pieces!

Add some seating

If your kitchen struggles with space, take a quick trip back to the ‘40s and check out banquette seating! This is a great way to fit a lot of seating into a small space and it looks quite cosy, especially when bathed in sunlight. However, if you’re aiming for something that’s more 2018, you can remove one or two benches from your banquette nook and open up the space. One-sided and corner banquettes are much more contemporary, since they give you more freedom and space to experiment. Go very minimalist with your bench and table and combine them with some very modern chairs for a sleek, 21st-century look!

Be bold with details

If you want to create a very chic and modern kitchen, you don’t have to pick a statement colour or opt for unusual materials! Sometimes all you need is a few bold details that will attract all the attention and add some drama to your kitchen. For instance, replace your boring old hardware with something that will stand out like gold, brass, matte or even glass! You can also go a bit overboard with lighting. Statement pieces like some oversized hanging pendants will definitely wow everyone that steps into your space!

Go custom!

The pinnacle of luxury in kitchen design today is opting for a custom design! The best thing about lovely custom kitchens is that they really allow you to be as free and creative with your décor as you want and create a totally unique and personalized space. All you need to do to get a custom kitchen is consult with a design team, state your preferences and wishes and they will do the rest! This path towards the perfect kitchen is the best option for those that have no previous experience with remodelling and don’t really know where to start their kitchen redesign.

Let your kitchen work for you

Many people with custom kitchens today, opt for a few very handy automation additions—some built-in, some in the form of practical gadgets. Think motion-activated lighting, hands-free faucets or hydraulic cabinet doors and drawers. These can come in very handy if you have small kids struggling to reach the faucet handle or close the cabinets. There are some handy gadgets and additions for chefs of the house! Try meat thermometers that help you prepare the perfect steak, scales that make measuring ingredients a breeze or smart smokers for all types of smoked foods! Prepare for even more kitchen innovations in the near future!

Improve your flooring

Even though hardwood floors are still kitchen champions, thanks to new technologies, tiles are quickly catching up! So, if you want to have a chic and modern kitchen from top to bottom, you must do something about your floors. Today, ceramic floors come in all sorts of designs, sizes and styles—even hardwood imitations! This allows you to retain that stylish wood look, but with easier cleaning and less maintenance. Stone, bricks and minimalist metro tiles can all be imitated with ceramics today!

As you can see, a kitchen redesign is not as hard as it seems! Just follow up on a few trends that are here to stay, and you’ll have a chic, trendy and modern kitchen in no time. Or, you can always call professionals and get a custom kitchen! However, no matter which way you choose to take, you’ll have a breathtaking kitchen of the 21st century!


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