Power Ledger (POWR) Makes It to Final in Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge

  • Written by Katie Olver

Power Ledger Named Finalist in 2018 Extreme Tech Challenge
Peer-to-peer renewable energy marketplace leader recognised for high potential; heads to Necker Island later this year to compete as one of 3 finalists.
Perth, Western Australia - 15th January 2018 - Peer-to-peer market for renewable energy Power Ledger today announced that it has been selected as one of 3 finalists in the 2018 Extreme Tech Challenge.
Speaking from CES in Las Vegas, where she presented on behalf of Power Ledger as one of 10 semi-finalists in the competition, co-founder and chair Dr Jemma Green commented:  “Having the chance to present our peer-to-peer energy trading platform at CES was an invaluable opportunity to raise awareness and share our message on a global scale. I am thrilled that we have been selected as a finalist, am excited to return to Necker Island for the final presentation later this year.” 
Established in 2014, the Extreme Tech Challenge is a competition that identifies emerging companies with the potential to dominate markets. It aims to empower their success through visibility, infrastructure and resources that help the companies to scale quickly, at a low cost.
To make it to the final round, Power Ledger first progressed through a rigorous application process, and then advanced to the top 25. The company was then selected as one of the top 10 companies, and invited to present on stage in front of a live audience at Eureka Park, CES’ flagship startup destination.
At CES, Green’s pitch for Power Ledger was judged by an all-star panel, comprised of Gary Shapiro, CEO of Consumer Tech Association, Lars Rasmussen, CTO of Weav Music, Young Sohn, President & Chief Strategy Officer of Samsung Electronics & Chairman of the board at Harman, Koichi Narasaki, Chief Digital Officer of Sompo and Scott Robinson, Founder of Plug and Play.  
Green and the Power Ledger team will head to Necker Island for the final presentation round later this year. They will be joined by fellow finalists Owlet Baby Monitors and Revl, and a panel of judges led by Sir Richard Branson. This will be Green’s second visit to the island. She first visited as one of a select group of thought leaders participating in the World Blockchain Summit in late July 2017.
“Power Ledger has continued to go from strength to strength. After raising A$34M in Australia’s first Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and signing major partnerships in Australia and India last year, we have high hopes for 2018,” commented Green.
“To start 2018 on stage at CES was already a great privilege and honour, and being named an Extreme Tech Challenge finalist has exceeded all our expectations. We are excited to take this opportunity and use it to further grow the business, and bring more POWR to the people on a global scale,” Green concluded.
Power Ledger’s plans for 2018 include the transition to a modified fee-less consortium Ethereum network; and the first asset germination event, where token holders will be able to become co-owners and beneficiaries of renewable assets. 
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