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The Most Common Skin Conditions and How to Deal with Them

  • Written by Scarlet Gratton

We often underestimate the importance of our skin, but as the largest organ in our body, and our primary layer of defense, it is constantly affected by many environmental factors as well as our dietary choices. Just imagine how many airborne pollutants and irritants our skin has to fend off every day, and let’s not forget about the cuts, bruises, sun damage, and of course, genetics, all of which have an impact on its health and integrity.

If as a result you only manage to find an occasional annoying zit or a blackhead, consider yourself lucky, because these culprits can often lead to much more complex skin problems. Some of the following are considered the most common, and there are various ways you can lessen and tackle them!

Different types of eczema


Eczema is a very wide term that encompasses numerous forms of skin conditions that lead to redness, dryness, rashes, scaly skin, irritation, and itchiness on different parts of your body. One of its most frequent forms is called atopic dermatitis, and it is associated with a wide range of issues, but it’s important to note that a precise cause is difficult to pinpoint. It might run in your family, the symptoms may worsen in different weather conditions, and stress and anxiety tend to make it more pronounced.

If there’s just a little patch of rough skin on your elbow, it’s in all likelihood very easily manageable with a temporary corticosteroid ointment, but in case you’ve had this issue for years, if not your whole life, it takes time to find the right set of solutions that can help. Correcting your diet to avoid certain foods that may aggravate the condition, finding a physical activity to reduce stress, and using all-natural products to keep your skin well-hydrated are all part of the routine. Of course, your doctor will have specific advice regarding your particular situation, so don’t forget to consult your family doctor!

Adult acne

As the skin condition that affects the largest part of the US population, as well as the rest of the globe, acne is often determined by genetics, dietary choices, and hormonal balance, especially among teenagers. These annoying and often painful pimples are a result of the hair follicles becoming inflamed due to over-production of sebum, and thus skin pores become clogged and inflamed.

Some cases can be treated with various acne products, such as creams, cleansers with skin-friendly acids, benzoyl peroxide, and lotions that contain specific ingredients to soothe your skin and reduce the inflammation. However, more severe cases need medical supervision, as antibiotics, and other systematic treatments might be necessary to reduce or heal the problem.

Sun damage


People with a fair complexion know all too well just how detrimental it can be to spend one minute too long in the sun, no matter the time of year. Harmful radiation leads to different levels of sunburn and long-term sun damage in the form of uneven skin tone, dark spots, scarring and even cancer.

Of course, it’s best to prevent these problems by using sunscreen every day (yes, even in winter), wearing hats and sunglasses, as well as with proper hydration inside and out. However, chasing after that bronze tan may tempt you to spend too much time in the sun. If you happen spend too much time in the sun, it’s best to consult a professional regarding pigmentation removal treatments and various healing creams and supplements. Vitamin E is a wonderful aid in improving your skin’s self-healing process, but cooling gels with aloe vera are another way to go, depending on what your doctor recommends for your skin type.


In addition to conditions that are caused or at least partially determined by our genetics and lifestyle factors, there are certain types of skin issues that are a little more unpredictable, yet equally common. One such problem is known as ringworm, and it is, in fact, a fungal infection that is highly contagious, and even our pets may be the carriers. You’ll recognize it since these red lesions have a distinctive circular shape, and they are itchy, scaly, and can be found on different parts of the body, from your scalp, to your feet.

On the other hand, it’s also very fairly easy to manage and cure once the diagnosis has been set by your doctor. All it takes is an antifungal topical treatment depending on the severity and the location of the infection, and in all likelihood, you’ll be as good as new in a few weeks.

Regular full-body checkups should be high on your list of priorities, because the sooner you notice an issue, the greater your chances are of a fast, efficient recovery. No matter what your predicament may be, it’s essential to stay consistent with your skincare regime, take excellent care of your hygiene, and of course, always ask for advice from a professional dermatologist, just to be safe!



Scarlet is a passionate writer and regular contributor at interested in fashion, lifestyle, and health. She loves traveling, you could say that she is a real travel addict, especially when she has a chance to visit some exotic destinations. She would tell you that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.

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