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6 Signs it’s Time to Consider Laser Tattoo Removal

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If you have a tattoo, you’ll know that there’s nothing quite like the feeling of staring at the new art on your skin after a tattoo session. This feeling alone explains why tattoos can become an addiction, with each new piece becoming a personal part of you, particularly when it symbolises something of significance in your life.

Nobody likes to be judged – especially when you’re being judged for something you really love. If you’ve ever had to justify your tattoos or cover it up for the sake of keeping peace at a family lunch, you will know how exhausting this disapproval can be.

To Keep or Not to Keep a Tattoo

If you’ve wondered whether it might be time to say goodbye to your body art, here are a few questions that you can answer.

  1. Do you feel any regret when you look at your tattoo or do you absolutely love it?

  2. Why did you get that specific tattoo? Does it still have meaning behind it?

  3. Have you ever caught sight of your tattoo and for a second forgotten it was yours?

  4. How many times have you searched for information on tattoo removal in the past 5 years?

  5. Has your tattoo ever affected your self-confidence?

If after answering these questions you’re still feeling unsure about whether or not you should keep your tattoo, here is some additional advice.

6 Signs You Should Have Your Tattoo Removed

If you agree with most of these statements, it might be time to schedule a consultation in a top tattoo removal clinics such as Clinica Lase to discuss your removal options.

  1. You constantly need to prove your worth in the workplace because your boss is not a fan of tattoos.

  2. You find yourself covering up your tattoo more often than you would like to.

  3. You’ve discovered that you tend to subconsciously wash your tattooed skin more vigorously than other parts of your body.

  4. You’re tired of being teased or judged for your tattoo choices.

  5. You no longer get excited about explaining the meaning of your tattoo to people you know or meet.

  6. You aren’t comfortable being in a swimsuit or naked in front of your partner because of your tattoo.

Making the Decision to Have Your Tattoo Removed

A report by McCrindle showed that three in 10 Australians regret getting a tattoo, so if you’re feeling the same, know that you’re not alone.

For many, a tattoo that once seemed like a good idea no longer fits in with who they’ve become or where they are in life, which is why laser tattoo removal has become such a common treatment.

In other cases, it can really be something as simple as being tired of answering questions about a tattoo the leads people to consider laser removal options. What does it mean? Is that how you wanted it to turn out? Did it hurt? These are all questions that can become really frustrating when you’ve had to answer them for several years.

Unfortunately, there is still social stigma associated with tattoos, which means there’s a good chance that your character will be questioned by a stranger at one point or another. This can be particularly prominent in a working environment, where a tattooed candidate will be perfectly suited to a position but will still not be picked for the position because of how tattoos are perceived. Obviously, this is not always the case, but it does happen and many people choose to remove their tattoos so that they aren’t prevented from excelling in their careers.

If you know that laser tattoo removal is something you would like to go ahead with, you’re probably wondering about the costs involved. Laser tattoo removal is a long-term commitment and depending on the size of your tattoo, you may need to budget a significant amount of money to completely remove it.

If you’re unsure about whether you really want to spend that kind of money, you’ll need to think about the long-term effects the tattoo will have on your self-esteem, your career and your quality of life.

Only you know what will be best for you in the long run but would you rather spend a year of your life removing an unwanted tattoo or the rest of your life regretting it? The choice is yours.

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