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Village Roadshow takes digital promotions into Asian market

  • Written by Public Relations Exchange
Edge’s Managing Director, Fergus Koochew
Edge’s Managing Director, Fergus Koochew

Village Roadshow’s incentive technology business, Edge, has launched in South-East Asia, taking its ground-breaking promotions to the world’s biggest consumer market, in its first international foray.

Edge has established a name for itself in Australia over the past decade, running innovative sales promotions for a wide range of large clients, including Coles, Foxtel, Kellogg’s, Fujitsu, Samsung and many more well-known brands.

Located in Singapore, the new Asian branch will serve as a central hub from which Edge will service the wider region, via its cloud-based promotional platforms and global network of reward partners.

While still early days, Edge’s new Asian operation has already attracted the attention of some big-name brands, signing on for campaigns with Intel, Microsoft Asia, Prudential Insurance, and Treasury Wine.

Edge’s Managing Director, Fergus Koochew, said “the expansion was initially conceived to support existing clients with a presence in Asia, but local brands were immediately drawn to the power its digital platform provided.

Over the 10 years that Edge has been in operation, we’ve managed close to 3,000 promotions for some of Australia’s biggest brands. We’re thrilled to now be able to use our valuable data and insights to help Asian businesses drive acquisition and retention, and get the best value for money.”

With a population of more than 650 million, the region has a middle, or consumer, class that is expanding at an astonishing rate.

Finding ways to drive engagement and retention is critical for any brand looking to gain a foothold in Asia, and we’re confident the great work done in Australia, along with our highly successful technology platform, can be adapted effectively in the Asian market,” Koochew said.

It became apparent that no one in the region was offering what Edge offers – a true, end-to-end solution.

Edge helps conceive the promotion and then facilitate and manage the promotional platform and entry mechanic, source engaging rewards, insure the promotion and ensure compliance with local laws.”

Edge also collects a lot of useful data on consumer habits over the course of a promotion. Traditionally, brands aren’t given much visibility of this data, but Edge makes it available to the client, both during and after the promotion, allowing them to make smarter and more analytically informed business decisions.

Having established a growing client base in the short period it’s been operating, Edge is now looking to expand its regional presence, growing its client and reward-partner list. Edge is committed to investing in local staff and digital infrastructure, and exploring other cities in the region for potential new offices.

About Edge

Edge is a leading incentive technology business with a proven track record of increasing sales, encouraging product trial and driving customer acquisition through engaging reward mechanics.

Using its unique digital platforms, Edge offers customisable solutions to brands looking to engage with both their existing, and potential, customers in creative and effective ways.

Edge runs around 300 promotions annually. As part of these promotions, it issues more than 1 million rewards, valued at over $100 million.

Founded in 2006 and acquired by Village Roadshow in 2012, Edges under the Group’s marketing solutions division, with over 80 staff in offices across Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore.


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