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Reasons Why The Central Coast Has Seen An Increase In Crime Statistics

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The Central Coast is a popular region in New South Wales, about an hour's drive from Sydney. Many visitors to the area say that it is Sydney's best-kept secret. It is a prime weekend destination for tourists and locals due to its breathtaking coastal terrain, lush national parks, great harbour setting, and lovely beaches. It is also home to the Australian Reptile Park and a great place for whale-watching from May to November every year. Nevertheless, locals and visitors alike need to be aware of crime statistics in this region to remain safe. Here's why the Central Coast is experiencing a rise in crime statistics.

Central Coast's Crime Statistics 2021

The Central Coast recorded notable increases and decreases in particular kinds of crime, with some remaining the same. For instance, murder, attempted murder, and manslaughter cases were almost non-existent in the Central Coast in 2021. As such, Riviere Law and other law firms serving the region had almost no cases that were related to these offences to handle. On the other hand, intimidation, stalking, and harassment cases experienced a significant rise in frequency, as did domestic-violence related assault. Consequently, these crimes are what you should be most wary of as you go about your business in the Central Coast this summer. Similarly a few crimes experienced notable reductions in frequency. For instance, there were less arson cases in the Central Coast in 2021. Also, malicious damage to property and breaking and entering dwellings reduced during this period.

Comparing Central Coast's Crime Statistics With The Rest Of New South Wales.

The Central Coast and the broader New South Wales (NSW) share some similarities in their crime statistics. However, there are also notable differences. For example, statistics show that murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and manslaughter cases are uncommon in the Central Coast and the broader NSW alike. Also, arson is down in the Central Coast and the rest of NSW. Stock theft is virtually non-existent in the Central Cost, and it appears the rest of NSW is trying to follow suit since these cases significantly decreased in 2021. Also, while there was a decrease in the Central Coast's breaking and entering dwellings cases, the wider NSW struggled with and increase in breaking and entering non-dwellings.

Lake Macquarie's Crime Statistics

The City of Lake Macquarie is located in New South Wales' Hunter Region. This area recorded notable decreases in crimes like arson and drug possessions of cannabis and amphetamines. Non-domestic violence related assault and motor vehicle theft were also low. On the other hand, Lake Macquarie's fraud, domestic violence-related assaults, and breaking and entering of non-dwellings increased.

Comparing Lake Macquarie's Crime Statistics With The Rest Of New South Wales

Lake Macquarie and the wider NSW region both experienced a rise in breaking and entering of non-dwellings in 2021. However, cannabis possession and arson cases were both down in both regions.

In Summary

Crime rates in Lake Macquarie, the Central Coast, and the rest of NSW share some similarities and differences. However, experts advise that all offences that remained low at the end of 2021 may rise as NSW residents resume normal life. Therefore, it would help to take the necessary precautions to safeguard against all crime, including infrequent ones.


Reasons Why The Central Coast Has Seen An Increase In Crime Statistics

The Central Coast is a popular region in New South Wales, about an hour's drive from Sydney. Many visitors to the area say that it is Sydney's best-kept secret. It...

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