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What Careers Are Most Needed In Australia?

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If you’re seeking a new career adventure, you’ve come to the right place. You may be looking to upskill in your current career, considering switching careers, or be a fresh secondary school graduate pondering what you want to do for a job. No matter your life situation, you probably want to choose a career path where you will find success and fulfilment. And the first step is to go with an occupation that will provide ample opportunities for employment. Here are the most sought-after and in-demand jobs in Australia.

Nursing and other Healthcare

Nursing comes in at number one on the list of most needed careers in Australia. If you’re efficient, compassionate and level-headed, you may find success and joy in nursing. Nurses are essential in healthcare and can find work in a number of areas, so you’ll find open positions ready to be filled, whether you want to work in a bustling hospital or a personal home care setting.

Other medical professionals of all kinds are also in-demand. General practitioners, surgeons, physical therapists, medical lab scientists, and medical receptions are just a few of the occupations waiting to be filled. The healthcare industry is growing, and many of our current medical personnel are approaching retirement age.


Did you know that increasing numbers of Australians are seeking mental health support? That means that there is a great need for mental health professionals. Those seeking a counselling career will find a myriad of job opportunities, making it easy to improve the lives and minds of those battling mental illness, unfortunate circumstances, substance abuse, relationship difficulties, and other troubles.

Counsellors should be compassionate, good listeners, and have remarkable problem-solving skills. If you would find happiness in changing lives- and possibly even saving them- then you may be the right person to fill the much-needed role of counsellor.


Few things are as rewarding as shaping and inspiring the next generation. Teachers are needed for all age groups, from young children just entering their school years to adults seeking further education. The teacher shortage worsened during the pandemic, and students need the guidance and care of passionate and qualified teaching staff. You could join the ranks of teachers who are helping children grow into kind, happy, competent adults.


If you enjoy working with your hands and operating machinery, you may be able to fill a role in the world of trade and construction. Trade is a necessary field- if you live in a home with plumbing, electricity, walls, flooring, and a roof, you probably have tradespeople to thank.

Almost every profession under the trade umbrella needs more skilled workers. Whether you’re interested in mechanics, carpentry, or engineering, you will find a suitable role in the trade sector.

If you’re interested in trade but don’t think physical labour is for you, you may also find job opportunities in management positions in the trade sector. Construction managers are in high demand, as are other management and executive positions. This may be a suitable path for individuals with an interest in or knowledge of trade but who want a career that will make use of their leadership skills and knowledge of the world of business.


Technology is the future, and there’s a great need for people who understand computers and IT. If you’re tech-savvy and great with computers, you may be able to fill this need. There are many aspects of technology, from software engineering to search engine optimization. Technology isn’t going away any time soon, so a career in tech will be met with longevity and plenty of employment opportunities.

Animal Care

Can you imagine anything more rewarding than spending your day surrounded by animals and wildlife? Australia needs more veterinarians, animal handlers and attendants, and those with an interest in animal welfare and preservation. If you love animals, you can spend every day with them- perhaps even save their lives- and be paid for it.

Accounting and Finance

Mathematics isn’t for everyone, so it’s no surprise that there’s a need for more qualified employees in the world of numbers. If you’re a math whizz, you may find success as a mathematician, accountant, statistician, finance associate, or other finance-related occupation.


Farmers are another in-demand career in Australia. Whether you’re a highly skilled agricultural worker looking to work on a huge industrial farm or you’re looking to help with crops and milking on a small local farm, your skills are needed in the agricultural industry.


What Careers Are Most Needed In Australia?

If you’re seeking a new career adventure, you’ve come to the right place. You may be looking to upskill in your current career, considering switching careers, or be a fresh...

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