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Best Running Shorts For Summer

Summer is around the corner. With the change of seasons comes another push towards fitness. Running is one fitness activity that is simple and effective. Time to beat the heat and run your heart out! Here are the best running shorts for your summer run.

Nike Challenger 5 Inch Shorts

These shorts are a no-frills, minimalist take from Nike. Their DRI-FIT helps runners stay dry and comfortable while on the move. The mesh panels keep the shorts cool and breathable. The shorts also feature pockets for convenient storage. An elastic waistband and drawcord ensure a personalized fit. A great pair of running shorts for your summer run.

You can find the Nike Challenger 5 Inch Shorts here.

ASICS Cool 2-N-1 5 Inch Shorts

These polyester running shorts are a great combo of comfort and breathability. The perforated fabric adds more breathability, keeping you cool and dry while on the run. Inner mesh briefs give extra comfort for runners. The addition of a laminated media pocket lets you carry your keys or iPods along for the run. A solid choice for summer running shorts.

You can find the ASICS Cool 2-N-1 5 Inch Shorts here.

Brooks Cascadia Men’s 7 Inch Running Shorts

Performance is the name of the game with these running shorts. Dri-Layer fabric offers great sweat-wicking to keep you cool and dry while running. The built-in mesh brief gives superior coverage and support. The four-way stretch fabric makes sure you have excellent mobility and comfort. A great pick for summer runs.

You can find the Brooks Cascadia Men’s 7 Inch Running Shorts here.

CW-X Men’s Stabilyx Ventilator Sports Shorts

The perfect shorts for runners in warm weather. Mesh ventilation panels keep you cool and improve blood circulation. The shorts provide ample support for your lower body, increasing stability and performance. Great for the serious runner.

Check out the CW-X Stabilyx Ventilator Shorts for Men on Amazon today.

Under Armour Qualifier Speedpocket 7 Inch Shorts

Under Armour is at it again. The UA Qualifier Speedpocket 7 Inch Shorts feature ample support and comfort for men. The ultralight fabric lets you move unimpeded. A mesh keeps you cool and dry. Another winner from Under Armour and a great pair of running shorts for the summer.

You can find the Under Armour Qualifier Speedpocket 7 Inch Shorts here.

WOLACO Men’s Athletic Spring Shorts

WOLCAO joins the list with this versatile pair of shorts. The lightweight fabric gives great breathability and freedom of movement. A great pair of shorts not only for running but for cross-training, soccer, hockey or any other competitive physical activity.

You can find the WOLACO Men’s Athletic Spring Shorts here.

BALEAF Men’s 3 Inches Reflective Gym Athletic Shorts

Baleaf’s running shorts ticks off all the right boxes for runners. Lightweight, breathable fabric? Check. Mesh lining for comfort and support? Check. Split leg design for unimpeded movement? Double-check! These shorts are the total package for summer running.

You can find the BALEAF Men’s 3 Inches Running Shorts Reflective Gym Athletic Shorts here.

EZRUN Men’s 5 Inch Running Workout Shorts

EZRUN joins this list of summer running shorts with their 5 Inch Running Workout Shorts. These shorts are a mix of great breathability and comfort. The inner mesh lining provides support and breathability. Add 2 side pockets and a rear zip pocket and you have yourselves a winner.

You can find the EZRUN Men’s 5 Inch Running Workout Shorts here.

There you have it, a list of the best running shorts for summer. Whether you are a serious competitive runner or a casual weekend run kind of guy, You can’t go wrong with these shorts.

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