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How to find the perfect sofa: 7 buying tips for you

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Imagine yourself at home, perhaps plopped down on your Hampton sofa with a book in hand. It's very comfortable, but that doesn't stop you from thinking about how much better it would be if only the arms were all leather instead of boxy-velvet. Maybe next time...

Hampton sofas are big-ticket items for most home buyers, so it's not surprising that you have a whole laundry list of needs and wants for your perfect Hampton sofa. The first important step is to look at the space at your home and set the requirement whether you are looking for the hamptons style sofa bed, hampton 2 seater sofa, hampton 3 seater sofa, hamptons modular sofa, lounge lovers hampton sofa or La maison Sofas. But finding said couch requires a lot of research, patience, and decision making. Here are 7 tips to help you find the perfect Hampton sofa:

1. Solid Wood or Wood Composite

The quality of hardwood can be a great indicator of how sturdy the Hampton sofa is. If you're considering upholstered wood pieces, inspect the inside of each skirt for veneers or plywood construction. It's also important that the legs are made of solid wood to help prevent wobbling.

Be wary of furniture with hollow metal or plastic legs; these can easily break under stress and pressure, especially if you have a rowdy family that loves to pile on the couch.

2. Tightly Woven Fabric

When inspecting your potential Hampton sofa, run your hand along with the fabric and check for looseness in the weave. A tight weave is indicative of good quality material because it will last longer and not pill as easily (those little fuzz balls that cling to your clothes are individual threads coming loose).

Doubled-up patterns can indicate shoddy workmanship. Although it may sound good, the two different fabric textures on the same piece are an indication of shortcuts or simply inferior craftsmanship.

3. Upholstery Legs

Upholstered pieces should have legs that are either visible or can be seen when looking at the underside of the Hampton sofa. Having your furniture sitting directly on the floor isn't good for it, plus it won't look as nice over time. Legs made from metal are great because they help disperse weight evenly so that your coach won't buckle under heavy use. Plastic legs are often of cheaper quality and are usually the first things to break.

4. Detachable Pieces

This may sound strange, but it's really helpful if your Hampton sofa has detachable pieces that you can easily remove for cleaning or replacement. Removable cushions are great for when your dog decides to have "just one drink" from his water bowl...right on the couch. If the cushions are separate, then you can easily spot-clean them without ruining the upholstery.

5. Tight Seat Cushions

Tight seat cushions will keep your back and bottom from sinking too far into the Hampton sofa, which leaves you hanging onto the edges instead of relaxing. Loose seat cushions may look comfy but they're not very practical. They can slide out from under you when you sit down or, even worse, they can take the form of your body after long periods of sitting. No one wants to feel like a melted PB&J sandwich, so find couches with well-made cushions that stay in place when you settle in.

6. Tight Pillows

As you're sitting on your couch, take a peek behind the pillows to see how tightly they're sewn. If you find any gaps or wavy stitching, it's a good bet that those pillows will start to sink and settle as time goes on. You want tight seams so that the filling doesn't come loose and create a mess.

7. Construction Material

The quality of the workmanship is usually indicative of the construction material. Cheaper materials have less "give" to them, so they will feel more rigid and uncomfortable after long periods of use. If you plan on using your Hampton sofa a lot, then it's worth paying a little extra for better quality at the outset.

And remember that you get what you pay for. If the Hampton sofa is made from cheap materials, it will not last as long as a well-made piece would. But... on the other hand, if you go too expensive you might be paying for features or finishes that are unnecessary to your needs.

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Before spending your hard-earned cash, do a little research to ensure that you buy something with features and qualities that will make you happy. After all, there's no better feeling than coming home from work and plopping down on the couch you've been dreaming about for weeks!

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