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This Massage Gun Surprised Me. Here's Why

We've all been stuck at home for almost a year now. For many of us, it means working in front of the computer for a long time. Because of that, your workout sessions might've dwindled, due to a change in routine and expectations since you don’t have to leave the office anymore.

As you slump over your desk for hours, you may experience muscle soreness in areas you never did before. Some examples are stiffness in your legs, back, and hands.

This physical condition is called DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness. It happens when your body repairs itself after strenuous activity. This can be experienced by anyone, even those who work from home. And with no access to gyms or massage therapists, we can't get outside help for pain relief.

A foam roller or a massage ball isn't enough. Sleeping the pain away is almost impossible. Sore muscles need something more targeted for recovery, such as percussive therapy. In this case, a massage gun might be what you need.

Massage guns have been trending globally, and many companies have come out with their own versions. However, among various brands, Hydragun is the most surprising. For half the price of popular brands, it delivers the same results and even outperforms them in some areas.

In this review, let's discuss why Hydragun stands out as the best recovery tool for people who work from home.

What are the Advantages of Using a Massage Gun

Massage guns aren’t only classified as a fitness trend anymore. The following health benefits back them up.

  • Massage guns stimulate the blood flow in your stiff muscles after sitting for too long or doing an intense workout.

  • Muscle soreness and pain are significantly less after using a massage gun for a few minutes.

  • When used regularly, massage guns improve the mobility of your limbs and joints.

  • The vibration can relax your nerves and relieve mental stress.

  • It breaks down scar tissue and aids with muscle rehabilitation.

  • Massage guns are great for people with chronic disorders, muscle trauma, and other related injuries.

Why Hydragun Wins in this Review

Hydragun launched in Australia last year, and it's been making waves ever since. It's made for everyone, including individuals who work from home. Here are the reasons why this massage gun deserves a 5-star rating.

Lightweight and Portable

No one wants to feel like they're handling a heavy power drill whenever they use a massage gun. It's supposed to be a relaxing experience. If you intend to get the best massage gun, look into its weight first.

Using the Hydragun after a long day is pure bliss. At 2.3 lbs, it doesn’t feel too heavy, which is helpful when my hands are sore from writing or lifting weights. It also doesn't strain my wrist.

This massage gun comes with a compact, hard carry case, which is water-resistant and shock absorbent. Due to its portable weight and size, you can easily carry the Hydragun in your backpack or place it in your locker.

Easy to Use, Ergonomic Design

Similar to other automatic tools, massage guns should be ergonomic. After all, how will you get your money's worth if it's such a hassle to use? When you're searching for a massage gun, it's best to consider the design and accessibility.

Hydragun, in particular, has a 99-degree handle. This ergonomic design makes the device easy to hold at the ideal wrist-forearm alignment. You can also reach your targeted muscle areas without straining your arm.

Another point to note: their massage gun's handle is wrapped in nano-scale silicone. It's easy to grip, even when you're sweaty after a workout. The silicone also acts as an insulator. When I turn on the Hydragun, the vibrations don't travel to my hand and wrist as much as other massage guns.

Lastly, the device only has one power button. It's quite straightforward. To turn on the Hydragun, press the button for a few seconds, then it'll light up. Although it might be slightly confusing for first-timers, since your thumb will cover the power indicating lights, the Hydragun is relatively simple to figure out.

Wide Range of Speed Levels

The best thing about massage guns is you can customize your experience. The Hydragun features 6 speed levels, ranging from 1200 rpm to 3200 rpm. You can go for a light massage, a heavy-duty recovery session, or something in between. With adjustable speed settings, it's flexible enough for every physical need.

Hydragun also provides 6 attachable heads with different pressure levels aimed at specific muscle groups. As I use this massage gun, changing one head to another is quick and easy.

Just the Right Amount of Pressure

Another significant feature of massage guns is the amplitude. It refers to how deep the massage can go. The higher the amplitude, the "punchier" massage you can get. However, too much of this can lead to aggravating your sore muscles.

With Hydragun, there's no need to worry about the massage being too intense. It has the right amplitude at 12 mm.

Low Noise Level

Traditionally, massage guns are loud. This device buzzes a lot and garners attention whenever it's switched on. Using it can be too distracting for you and the people around you.

Hydragun solves this issue by launching a quiet massage gun. So quiet, that you can even have normal conversations without distractions. How is this made possible?

It's because, on average, Hydragun has a noise level of 30 to 50 dB. When you crank it up to max speed level, it's still not as loud as other massage guns’ lowest speed.

In my experience, Hydragun’s my best bet for relaxation while working at home. For example, I can use it during Zoom meetings, without bothering anyone. With its low noise level, my co-workers could hardly hear any buzzing noise.

Did Hydragun Really Surprise Me?

This massage gun deserves a big thumbs up, especially with its noise level. I tried other top-range massage guns before, and Hydragun at the fastest speed was still much quieter than their lowest speed.

It created the perfect balance between comfort and practicality. For people who work from home, you can integrate this massage gun into your daily routine. For example, use it before and after your workout. It's also best for getting you through long sitting periods at work.

Overall, it’s a pleasant surprise. Hydragun, the best massage gun Australia can offer, delivered unexpected results in this review. From design to benefits, it's a full experience. Now that you know all the details, it's time to pass the massage gun to you. Why don't you try it and see how it goes?

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