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Think You Know Classic Solitaire Inside out? Here Are Some Interesting Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard of

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Solitaire has been around for quite a while now, gaining popularity and a huge following with every passing day. But how much do you know about this classic and timeless game? Whether you are a beginner still finding his/her way through that first Klondike game or a professional Solitaire player competing for your local Solitaire championship title, we have some interesting facts here for you. For example, do you know an alternative name for your favorite card game? Or perhaps, the origin of the word ‘solitaire’?

Origin of This Game

Solitaire card games trace their origins to the end of the 18th century, in Europe’s Baltic region, probably from fortune-telling. The oldest collection of classic Solitaire games on record was published in 1826 in Russia, and subsequently in Germany and France. English translations appeared later in the 1860s, mostly from the German as well as French languages. The Solitaire revolution, however, took place in the late 20th century, with the advent of PCs.

Microsoft Effect

Until the late 20th century, there was little interest in Solitaire. But this all changed when Microsoft introduced the free Solitaire game to its Windows 3.0. Wes Cherry developed this computer version during his internship with the PC giants. And from the debut of Windows 3.0, interest in such a game spiked. Suddenly, many individuals just couldn’t get enough of those cards. On a positive note, Solitaire served its purpose, which was to help users familiarize themselves with the basics of the computer mouse. Since then, Solitaire has been pre-installed in all Windows versions except Windows 8.

Latin Solitarius and Patience

Well, the name of this card game can be traced to Latin. In Latin, solitarius comes from two words: solitas and solus, meaning isolation and alone, respectively. This is understandable as the game can be played by a single player and it’s usually so. Eventually, the game became Solitaire, its modern English word. And while this Play Free Solitaire Card Game Online is the name most Americans are familiar with, Patience is its most popular name in England. In case you are interested in knowing what people call Solitaire in other parts of the world, look up the translations, and confuse your friends the next time you are discussing popular card games. Are you aware that cabale is the Polish name for Solitaire? Now you know.

Professional Solitaire Players

There are plenty of professional Solitaire geeks out there! But how this is possible, you will ask. Well, online competitions offer Solitaire players a chance to compete against people of the same caliber around the world. As Popsicle Games claims, these individuals go ahead to earn as much as $250,000 per year by just the fact that they play Solitaire. Sounds exciting? However, before you get amazed, remember that those are professional players. Of course, nothing is impossible for you. But it would help to start by honing your skills before giving it a try. And who knows, maybe you could be the next champion!


From Solitaire online competitions to the traditional Solitaire card games on a classic deck, these games continue to grow, offering their players the recreation and fun they so much crave. Behind the game itself, there also lies a rich history and several interesting facts concerning the classic Solitaire. So, the next time you click on that icon on your PC, remember the history or at least those two Latin words! Deal?


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Think You Know Classic Solitaire Inside out? Here Are Some Interesting Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard of

Solitaire has been around for quite a while now, gaining popularity and a huge following with every passing day. But how much do you know about this classic and timeless...

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