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Things to Consider Before Shopping for Women’s Perfume Online

  • Written by Ester Adams

Finding the right perfume can be challenging. Perfumes are an expression of a person’s personality, and that is usually why most people are very picky about the perfume they buy.

When it comes to buying perfumes, women tend to be more cautious and oriented. Now, with the boom of the eCommerce trade, perfumes are available online. When you buy perfume online, you don’t have any means to try them out first before purchasing. And they come in a myriad of fragrances, making it a hard choice while purchasing them. This dilemma is more pronounced when purchasing perfumes for someone else, as they are the perfect gifting option no matter what the occasion.

So for all the ladies out there who like to wear a sweet fragrance every now and then, here is a guide to making a more informed decision while purchasing women’s perfume online.

Perfumes Deconstructed

One can deconstruct a perfume using a three-part pyramid structure. These scents, essential oils mixed with alcohol and water, are synthesised into unique fragrances utilising this structure: the top, heart and base notes.

The top note is the fragrance that hits the olfactory senses first. They are usually fruity notes or light floral ones that last from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the concentration of the scent. It fades into the next layer on the pyramid, the heart note.

The heart note lasts about four hours on the skin. The fragrance slightly alters when it comes in contact with skin, due to it reacting with the skin. They are usually made of strong floral smells as they have the most distinctive scents that cling to skin for longer.

Once the heart notes fade, the faint smell of the perfume left is the base notes. The base notes are usually composed of woody scents, vétiver or vanilla.

It is the combination of these scents that make up the perfume. After determining the preference of scents, finding the right combination will be much easier.

Fragrances and Their Types

There are multiple categories of perfume available in today’s world. Some of them are:


These fragrances usually are either of citrus fruits like orange, lemon, peach, grapefruit or berries like strawberry, litchis or juniper berries. Their concentrated scent leaves traces on the skin for hours, making it the perfect type of perfume for those who are out and about a lot. Sometimes, the scent of moss, herbs and other leaves are also a part of the mix for a more sea-scented fragrance.


This variety encompasses, as the name suggests, a combination of flowers. Many experts dub these perfumes as a classic and the traditional flowers found in them are, jasmines, roses, lotuses, lilies and violets. These are perfumes best suited for a first date or swanky social event.


Sandalwood, amber, patchouli and other musky scents are combined to form a genuinely exotic perfume. These are perfect for a night out in the town or when out dancing.

Enhancing the Fragrance

After figuring out the scent preferences, the next vital thing to know is where to apply the perfume. For the fragrance to last longer, it is essential to apply them on pulse points; the heat produced at these points aid in releasing the scent of the perfume into the air faster.

Be it buying women’s perfume online or from a physical shop, knowing the scents that are best-suited for the skin-type and personal preference helps pick the right perfume. After trying out the different types mentioned above, it is easier to zero-in on the most preferred fragrance. Perfumes not only eliminate body odour, but they are also conducive to setting the mood for any occasion.

Author Bio: Ester Adams is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry.  She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.

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