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Essential hair care tips for men

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Hair care is a daily routine for almost everyone. Washing and keeping the hair clean is a basic step to promote hair growth. However, you can get hold of hair growth shampoo if you are looking for one, at one of the many supermarkets, pharmacies or even online stores. One such online store is Patricks in Australia. Browse through their vase collection of hair care products to find the ideal product for you.

Tips to promote hair growth & care for your hair:

·         Get your hair trimmed frequently: It may sound unnecessary as only few men intend to grow their hair long, but frequent trims can promote hair growth and keep the hair healthy. Just like women, men too have issues related to split ends, dryness and so on. Unhealthy hair breaks off easily and results in hair loss. An issue such as split ends causes hair to lose its shine, volume and smoothness.


·         Brush regularly to distribute your hair’s natural oils: Going to bed without taking care of your hair is not a good idea. Brush your hair just before you hit the sack. Doing this can help keep your hair healthy. When you brush your hair, it helps in distributing the natural oils in the scalp evenly so that your hair stays moisturised and hydrated. Brushing your hair every night can help in increasing blood circulation on the scalp which can make it healthier.


·         Include ‘hair-healthy’ food in your diet: You have to make your hair strong from inside as well. Hence, eating hair-healthy food can promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. Foods that are high in protein like beans, nuts, fish and whole grains are ideal. Consuming food less in protein can promote hair shedding. Other than proteins, consume food rich in vitamin A, C and E, foods rich in zinc and iron. Foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids and so on can also contribute to healthy and strong hair.


·         Avoid shampooing of hair regularly: Regular shampooing of hair can cause harm. Instead, shampoo your hair two or three times a week so that the natural oils nourish your hair to hydrate and repair itself. For a thicker look, opt for shampoos labelled as “volumizing” or “thickening”. 


 ·         Opt for frequent conditioning and hydration of hair: Coating your hair with a deep conditioner or hair mask can prevent hair damage and can detangle the hair strands. Make use of such masks at least once a week. These products help to stimulate blood circulation to encourage growth and you’ll have stronger and longer hair in no time.


·         Focus on scalp care: Massaging your scalp with oil or shampoo can help in boosting blood circulation. Besides, it would also promote healthy hair growth!


Besides taking care of your hair, it would be good to check for some underlying causes that may be contributing to the slow growth of your hair or increase in hair fall that you are experiencing. Hair fall may be due to hormonal health issues, thyroid, autoimmune disease or even anaemia. For such cases, you need professional treatment so consult a dermatologist at the earliest. However, if you don’t have any serious health issues, opt for a right hair growth shampoo such as the ones available at Patricks Australia. They have a great collection of men’s hair care products that promotes hair growth and keeps your hair healthy!

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Essential hair care tips for men

Hair care is a daily routine for almost everyone. Washing and keeping the hair clean is a basic step to promote hair growth. However, you can get hold of hair...

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