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Brows on Point: A Guide to Using Brow Gels and More for Perfect Brows

There’s no denying that perfectly groomed eyebrows are key to framing and flattering your face. These days, shaping is a must and faking fuller brows is a trend likely here to stay. When it comes to eyebrow styling, we love texture, a bit of colour, and some serious hold. The hard part is finding the right pencils, powders, gels, or the ideal combination of these, to do just that.

So, let’s take a look at how to get your eyebrows in shape and keep them that way. From understanding the excellence of eyebrow gel to a step-by-step tutorial on getting the most natural brow look, here’s everything you need to know about brow perfection. 

What is Eyebrow Gel?

Eyebrow gel is a beauty game-changer, working wonders when it comes to taming, fluffing, and shaping your brows. It typically comes in two variations: tinted and clear. While tinted brow gel adds some subtle colour, definition, and hold to your brows, clear brow gel helps to give your brows a fuller appearance while providing a transparent finish. Makeup brand Napoleon Perdis offers a range of brow gels to find something that works with your natural texture.

The Basics of Eyebrow Styling

There are so many eyebrow products on the market, and landing the right ones for you can be a real challenge. Good criteria for a brow product include the ability to make your brows appear fuller and darker. Just as important is a product’s longevity, as these features won’t matter if your brows are a mess by the end of the day. Lastly, the ease of use is a crucial factor. Let’s look at some types of eyebrow products for you to consider, along with brow gel.

- The brow spoolie. This essential tool is made of soft bristles to comb and blend eyebrow products, giving a natural and well-groomed look.
- An angle brush. A fine-angle brush provides complete control when defining brows, applying liquid eyeliner, or creating a clean, sharp look.
- A liquid brow pen. Achieve natural, feathered-looking brows with a liquid brow pen. Most are designed to mimic fine hairs for a nice, natural look.
- Brow soap. This creates the illusion of fuller, fluffier arches, all while maintaining a non-sticky, flexible texture.

An eyebrow pencil. Fill, shape, and define your brows with a soft, retractable pencil. It should glide on easily, making brow styling a breeze.

How to Use Brow Gel

Achieving perfectly styled brows has actually never been easier, so let's dive into how to apply brow gel effectively.

- Prepare your brows. Start with clean, dry brows. This makes sure there’s no leftover makeup or oils that could mess with the gel's hold.
- Brush your brows. Use a brow brush to brush upwards and outwards to help distribute the product evenly and shape your brows in the desired direction.
- Define with pencil or powder. This step is optional, especially when you’re using tinted brow gel. Pencils and powders are great for when you’re going for a darker, fuller look, or, if you want to fill in sparse brows before setting them. Make sure you brush the colour through. 
- Apply the gel. Gently apply the tinted or clear eyebrow gel in short strokes. Start from the inner corner and work your way to the outer edge of your brows. You can layer tinted gel for more intensity.

Why Brow Gel Is a Must-Have in Your Beauty Kit

With various makeup looks, you can often skip mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow or blush. However, almost every makeup look benefits from a bit of brow gel. But, how long does brow gel last? Most are designed for extended wear, but a quick touch-up can help maintain a flawless brow look for those long days. Invest in a portable brow palette that carries at least a brow brush, a mirror, a couple of powder shades, and shaping wax or gel to tame, define, and groom your brows on the go.

Choosing the Best Brow Gel For a Laminated Look

If you love the laminated brow look, take note of our top picks and get those bold, groomed brows of your dreams that stay in place all day long. Here are our top picks:

All Set Clear Eyebrow Gel. This cult-favourite effectively laminates brows and keeps them impeccably still. The texture is sufficiently thick for a secure hold yet remarkably lightweight. It also conveniently features a double-sided wand with a spoolie on one end and a brush and comb on the other. Start with a little product and build up as needed.

Arch Rehab Tinted Eyebrow Gel. This brow product is one of the best brow gels for hold and is available in several shades, too. You can get a fuller look by running it back and forth through your brows. 

You’re On Your Way to Brow Brilliance

Flatter your face subtly or express yourself with some dramatic definition. It’s up to you. Brush those brows in place and hold them there all day without residue and absolutely no budging at all. Achieving perfect brows is within reach, so find what works for you, keep it simple, and you’ll always have your brows on point. 

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