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Ten best cocktail recipes to enjoy with your friends

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End the day with friends in a cocktail bar or enjoy a tequila sunrise directly on the beach. For many, this is part of the perfect feeling of free time. Cocktails come in all colors and variations - creamy, sweet, sour, and refreshing - there is something for everyone. But how much alcohol is present in a cocktail, and how can it be compatible with the heat in summer? One can buy the best quality at gin online and work this killer recipe up to impress friends.

Five cocktails to include in your parties and surprise your friends

Who does not like those nights of movies, games or talks with friends? Or those nights that end up being the best night of your life where between cocktails and drinks you end up telling your life in detail. For those special nights, we present five easy-to-prepare cocktails with which you will surprise your friends at your next party.

There is nothing better than enjoying a good cocktail at home and in the best company. An original drink that you can prepare in a thousand ways: there are several in multiple flavors, with or without alcohol. Choose yours to make those moments unforgettable, and you become the best host!

Margarita cocktail

It is a classic in the world of cocktails that is reminiscent of the 40s when a waiter from Tijuana was taken by the beauty of a dancer named Margarita Carmen who, in his honor, created this drink. This dancer became one of the most typical actresses being the protagonist of Gilda, Rita Hayworth.


  • 35 ml of tequila.

  • 20ml triple dry.

  • 15 ml of natural lemon juice.

  • 15 ml of natural lime juice.

  • One slice of lime. Ice.

  • Cup for daisies.

Preparation: Pour all the ingredients in a shaker and mix with vigorous stirring for 10 seconds. Strain and serve in a margarita glass. Decorate with a slice of lime and if you wish, before decorating the border with sugar or salt.


Perhaps when thinking about this drink, we all go to Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of 'Sex in New York' who has a weakness for Cosmopolitan, a drink that for women involves sensuality in its essence and is ideal for Prepare at a bachelorette party or on a night with friends.


  • Vodka, triple sex

  • Cranberry juice

  • Lemon juice

  • Orange in pieces to decorate

Preparation: Frost the glass with lemon and salt. Put the ice, the Vodka, the Cointreau, the lemon juice, a little blueberry juice in a cocktail shaker and shake well. Strain the mixture into the glass and finally decorate with the orange peel

Manhattan cocktail

Someone who likes movies cannot help but remember one of the mythical scenes of 'With skirts and crazy' when Marilyn Monroe improvises this drink in a hot water bottle.


  • Ice cubes

  • 45ml of Canadian whiskey,

  • 20ml of dried vermouth.

  • A touch of Angostura

  • A green olive

  • Lemon rind

Preparation: Mix ice, whiskey, Vermouth and Angostura in the shaker. Strain and serve in the cup. And finally, decorate with an olive and a spiral of lemon rind.

Gin Cocktail

It is the cocktail that the winner of the 2016 World Class Competition has created in honor of the World Class List web series. A mixture of olive oil, clementine or cherry.


  • 50ml gin.

  • 30ml wine.

  • 30ml chamomile syrup.

  • 1.5ml fresh clementine juice.

  • Four drops of olive oil and saffron ice cream ball.

Summer Colada Sunrise

It is the perfect combination of coconut and pineapple to enjoy long beach days and party nights until dawn. Cîroc, the French Ultra-Premium Vodka, wanted to pay tribute to the hot season in the way that he knows best, with a new, very trendy limited edition. The edition is inspired by the cocktail, combines the versatility of coconut and fresh taste of tropical pineapple in a smooth and perfect texture. A flavor that transports you to tropical beaches of white sand and turquoise waters, endless nights and Caribbean parties, which can only be enjoyed during the summer season.


  • 30ml Passion fruit juice

  • 40ml Orange juice

  • 20ml Lemon juice

  • A slice of lemon

Sex On The Beach

A name whose origin has to do with marketing that ended up being a success. Although it has many variations, we present the following:


  • 40ml of Vodka

  • 20ml of peach liquor

  • 40ml of orange juice

  • 40ml cranberry juice

Preparation: Pour all the ingredients into a shaker, shake and pour a tall glass full of ice. For the decoration, we use a slice of orange. There is another that replaces orange juice with pineapple juice.

At the end of June, one of the most anticipated days is celebrated: on Pride Day, which is why Absolut wanted to show its support with a bottle of Vodka called 'Absolut Rainbow' dressed in brushstrokes of the rainbow flag. If you are going to celebrate that day with good cocktails, you can use this type of Vodka to soak up the atmosphere more.

Watermelon Mojito

Who does not fancy a mojito in midsummer? There are many recipes for this drink, but this time and being so close to summer, we have chosen watermelon, fresh fruit, rich and summery.


  • Three large pieces of watermelon

  • Juice of two files

  • Two shots of white rum

  • Eight peppermint leaves

  • Crushed ice

  • One lime

  • One tablespoon brown sugar

  • A splash of soda

Preparation: remove the pipes to the watermelon pieces that we are going to use to make our Mojito. We place them in a glass, along with the sugar, peppermint leaves and lime and crush everything with a mortar until a whole dough is made. Then add the rum, ice and add a little soda to finish the glass. The usual way to serve it is to fill the glass with ice to the edge, then add rum to half the ice, and the rest is completed with the soda. Finally, to finish off the glass, we can decorate our glass of Mojito by adding some mint leaves on top and the edge of the glass a piece of watermelon.

If you prefer a healthier alternative, we give you cocktail ideas just as tasty but zero alcohol.

Important to note: It does not matter how much juice is added to the cocktail. This does not change the amount of pure alcohol in the cocktail. You should know how high the recommended limits for low-risk consumption is. If you want to learn further, look at these different cocktails recipes to enjoy with friends.


Cocktails can be enjoyed with all senses intact. In addition to taste, cocktail enjoyment naturally also includes optics, color and different flavors, which, when combined, awaken completely new associations and subconsciously influence the taste. Then it is certainly an optical pleasure to watch a master of his trade how he skillfully mixes and arranges the ingredients.

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