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Seafood is one of the foods that are liked, no matter where you go. It is also among the healthiest food on the planet. You will find fish and other creatures of the sea are loaded with an assortment of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. In some cultures, fish is still one of the most consumed food, and they live a healthy and fit life. Among the most important ingredients that fish have are the omega 3 fatty acids that have a host of benefits for our bodies. What would you do if we tell you that there is a connection between fish and an education? You would be looking at us with a very suspicious and not believing look. Something really smells fishy here (excuse the pun). But there isn’t. There was an actual study that was done with around 260 people, and the researchers found that the people who ate broiled or baked fish at least once a week had more grey matter than people who rarely or never ate fish. Top that! We know that you are now raring to get to your nearest seafood buffet so that you can load up on those fatty acids and vitamins, but hold your seahorses! (Just another pun) Just read up on all the other benefits that you get when you start taking seafood on a regular basis.

Fish Is Your Heart's Best Friend

Whatever you thought was your heart’s best friend, get ready to have that thing removed from its pedestal and have it replaced with seafood. There is no doubt that fish are extremely low-fat food and the fats that they do have are mostly Omega 3 fatty acids. Fish oils also have an abundance of these fatty acids that are polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are extremely important when we talk about protecting your heart from various diseases and ailments. That is why they are called ‘good fats’. You must have heard or read about them. Well, now you know the best way to get them. Apart from giving your heart the protection that it deserves, these Omega 3 fatty acids also lower your blood cholesterol levels, lower the blood clotting factors, and are the reason for the relaxation of your arteries and blood vessels. Also, if you have any inflammation in your blood vessels, the Omega 3 fatty acids also take care of those for you. Talk about all-rounded protection.

Keep Arthritis Away

Although some people don’t believe it, there are certain myths about seafood and its effects. But there have been numerous studies that show that if you take just a single serving of fish even twice or thrice a week, it can help you stay away from symptoms of arthritis. These symptoms include but are not limited to, inflammation, fatigue, morning stiffness, and others.

Seafood strengthens the immune system

Although not all the seafood does that for you, there are a wide variety of fish and shellfishes that contain a high amount of antioxidants. Not just that, they are also choke-full of vitamins A, C, D, and E. when we talk about boosting the immune system, these antioxidants are well known to do their part and increase the strength of our immune systems. They also help decrease the buildup of plaque in your arteries. We all know that when plaque clogs our arteries, it increases the chances of us having a heart attack, stroke, and more.

Make smart and healthy kids

There used to be a myth about fish and the mercury content that it contains. Especially when pregnant women are concerned, they are strictly told to stay off a seafood diet because of the excess mercury. Yes, there are a few fish that contain more mercury than they do selenium, but those are a small number. But the problem is that when you miss out on an important food like seafood, you are giving away the chance to fill up on DHA, an essential nutrient that directly affects the health of the babies and their development. On the flip side, studies have shown that if the mother takes a diet that is rich in DHA, it can highly improve the child’s IQ levels. Doctors advise that pregnant women should take at least 6 oz of cold water fish per week if not more.

Alleviate the symptoms of depression

Whether you know about it or not, but studies have shown that Omega 3 fatty acids have a lot to do with your brain functions. They are even said to be of an advantage in cases of mild to moderate depression. There are certain chemicals that are necessary to maintain your state of mind. If these chemicals decrease, that might lead to depression and other harmful conditions. These are:

  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and

  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Both of these chemicals are found in fishes in abundance.

Just think about it. No more anti-depressants for you. Just make sure that you eat fish at least thrice a week.

6. Shellfish ensures healthy skin and eyes

Up till now, we have just talked about the heart and arteries and related issues. That is not all that we get from seafood. There are various fish and shellfishes that contain a high amount of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for our skin as well as our eyes. If your body gets low on Omega 3 fatty acids that we mentioned above, DHA and EPA, it can cause irritation in your skin and dryness. Making sure that your DHA and EPA levels are always up to the mark can ensure that your skin always remains moisturized and soft and silky smooth.

The same is true for your eyes. We all depend on our eyesight more than our other senses. In recent years most if not all of our input is from our smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets. This puts quite a strain on our eyes, and we can develop various diseases and ailments if we don’t take care of our eyes. One of the leading causes of vision loss is Age-related macular degeneration or AMD as it is called. Studies have shown that seniors who eat fish at least twice a week have a lesser chance of developing AMD than those who rarely or never eat fish.

Summing It Up

These and other benefits should have you running towards your nearest grocery store. Even if you can’t afford to eat fish on a regular basis, make sure that you eat it as much as you can to stay healthy and fit.

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