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The Right Guide to Perfect Head-to-Toe Skin Care

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Caring for your feet and hands is an easy task; they need to look relaxing and pampering. Your hands carry out various chores. On the other hand, your shoes might cause foot cramps and heel pain. Fortunately, below mentioned are simple remedies that can offer your fast relief, treat your hands and feet well.

Moisturize your feet and hands

Apply a quality hand moisturizer and foot moisturizer. Ensure that you apply after cleaning your hands and feet using warm water. During the summer period, apply light non-greasy moisturizer and body butter during winter. During winter, the skin tends to be dry; hence it requires more moisturizing.

Pamper your feet and hands

Get yourself a pedicure and a manicure twice a month. With a pedicure and a manicure, your hands and feet are cleaned, massaged and exfoliated. Your hands and feet get thorough nourishment, making them look healthy.

Wash and scrub

Wash your hands and feet using lukewarm water frequently. Hot water or cold water may damage your skin. Avoid using regular dish soap since it tends to be harsh to the skin and dries it quickly.

Alongside washing your hands and feet, you need to scrub them twice a week using a quality exfoliating agent to remove the dead skin. If there is no money and time to purchase one, worry not, and prepare yours at home. Mix olive oil and fine sugar and then add half a lime. That makes an excellent exfoliating agent. Alternatively, you can scrub your hands and feet using olive oil and mild soap and lukewarm water.

Your skin can be callused and crack, leading to infections and pain. Using pumice-based pastes can only eliminate scaly skin in your hands and feet, and keeps them soft. However, the scrub can remove the flaky skin and prevent infections.

When scrubbing your feet, do not use callus scrapers since they can break the skin. Notably, calluses offer protection to the skin, so do not scrub them off entirely.

Protect, file and trim

When carrying out your daily chores that allow your hands and feet to interact with grease, chemicals, and dirt, ensure that you put on rubber gloves and gumboots to protect your hands and feet, respectively.

Additionally, file and trim your nails. When filing your nails, ensure that you file them in one direction and avoid seesaw action. The seesaw work can have adverse effects on your nails because it can separate nail layers, and if water gets into those layers, it can result to nail peeling. Trim your nails frequently and wash them to prevent a buildup of dirt.

Polish your nails

Painting your nails makes them look attractive. Ensure that when you paint, you apply a base coat to avoid staining. The base-coat is also vital in making your nail polish last for long.


Massage your hands and feet every night for five minutes to allow the goodness of the moisturizer to soak. If your hands are rough, mix a moisturizer with Vaseline overnight to offer protection.

When massaging your feet, coat your palm with lotion and then gently massage the sole of your feet using both thumbs. Start from the toes to the heel balm. Apply more pressure on the ball of the feet and the arches since the regions are prone to tightness.

Offer protection to your cuticles

Using a quality cuticle cream, protect the cuticles of your hands and feet from drying. In case, you don' have a cuticle cream, use glycerine on your hands and feet overnight twice a week and clean them with lukewarm water in the morning. Your hands will get soft.

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