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Common Foot Conditions & How to Treat Them

We all tend to take our feet for granted; these critical limbs enable us to move around and they have to endure endless punishment. Regardless of what you do to earn a crust, your feet work tirelessly and with that in mind, here are a few common foot issues and ways to treat them.

  • Plantar Fasciitis – Typical symptoms include sharp pain in the heel area, which usually comes and goes. After a period of standing, if the pain returns, it is likely you are suffering with Plantar Fasciitis; the best treatment is to make an appointment at, one of Brisbane’s top podiatry clinics.
  • Fungal nails – Known also as toenail fungus, the condition is caused by fungi that are microscopic in size and they infect the nail tissue. Most people are unaware that their toenails are, in fact, dead, which is why fungi can collect and grow in the small areas between the nail and the skin. If you are suffering with fungal nails, make an appointment at your local podiatry clinic in Brisbane and get to the root of the problem.
  • Bunions – One of the most common foot issues, bunions are small bone protrusions caused by pressure; tight shoes are a primary cause of bunions, which can cause excess pressure at specific locations. While there is no treatment for bunions, as such, by visiting a podiatrist, the health professional can find the root cause.
  • Ankle pain – The ankle is a critical joint that enables the foot to pivot is several directions and pain can be caused by numerous issues. Rolling the ankle is an easy thing to do and for a split decision, all of your weight is on the joint and ligaments are typically torn. Make an appointment with your local podiatric clinic if you are suffering with pain in the ankles.

These are just some of the common foot problems that people experience and by making an introductory appointment with your local podiatrist, you can discover the root cause and receive the best treatment.

If you look after your feet, they will work as intended and whenever you have any issues, make an appointment with your local podiatrist and let the expert take a look.


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