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Cancer 101: 6 Dietary Habits Increasing Cancer Risk

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Cancer is a deadly disease. However, that doesn’t mean you will die from it or suffer just because you have it. People beat cancer. One way they defeat cancer is by consuming a healthy diet. Wholesome foods will not eliminate cancer but they can help to eliminate this condition. Keep reading this information. It will explain 6 foods you should stop eating (or limit) to reduce your risk of developing this disease.

1. Sugar: The Sweet Stuff

People love sugar. It is a primary ingredient that brings out the flavour in some types of foods. People put sugar in many foods. A lot of retailers sugary foods. Sugar is also present in many canned goods and other products as well.

Sugar does make a lot of foods taste better. However, too much sugar could trigger cancer. Why? Sugar often causes cancer cells to divide and grow. Studies have been performed that validates this truth. As a matter of fact, people who have diabetes or high blood sugar will end up having a 22% risk increase for developing breast, stomach or colorectal cancers. You can eat sugar, but just don’t overdo it.

2. Processed Meats

A carcinogen is a cancer-causing substance. Processed meats have carcinogens and these substances often lead to cancer. Processed meats such as bacon, ham, salami, bologna, deli meats and hot dogs are carcinogenic. Honestly, eating these foods in a limited quantity will not give you cancer. The problem is that many people eat these processed foods all of the time. The cancer care centre is able to help people to maintain a healthy diet.

This brings up another point. Eating one or two bad food items intermittently will not create cancer. People have to consistently eat bad food items for many years before cancer even shows up. Well, they do in most situations. If a person consumes at least processed meat at least 4 times a week over a 5-year time period, their risk of developing cancer will increase. Remember, your body is tough enough to handle some of the bad foods you consume every now and then. Just don’t make it into a habit.

3. The Red Meat Family and Cancer

Beef, pork, veal, lamb and sausage are red meats. If you eat too much of these foods, your chances of getting cancer increases. These meats are common to the American diet. Eat them in moderation (or not at all) and you should be okay.

4. Dairy Products

If you eat dairy that’s okay. Milk, yogurt, sour cream, eggs and cheese won’t give you cancer. The problem comes in when you constantly eat too much of these items. Once again, overconsumption could lead to cancer. Dairy just contains many agents and hormones from cows that could promote the development of cancer.

5. Eating Barbecue and Burnt Food

Foods that have been overcooked (think burnt food or grilled meat) and this releases a substance called heterocyclic amines. This substance is carcinogenic. While most people don’t eat burnt foods, many people like grilled foods. Heterocyclic amines can also be produced in fried, broiled or any type of cooked meat. Many people eat cook meat, but they should do intermittently or (like our vegan friends) not at all.

6. Snack Foods and Fast Foods

Processed foods, snack foods and restaurant foods will probably give you cancer if you eat too much of them. Eat them in moderation or just leave them alone. Your body doesn’t need the carcinogenic crap that is found in these foods. You will also live a healthier lifestyle free from obesity, cardiovascular problems and problems with diabetes.

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