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Importance of Skincare and Skin Checks

We all like to be nurtured and beautiful. Of course, we also try to take care of ourselves in the best way we can. However, some regular check-ups seem to have higher priority than others. Most make sure our blood work is fine, as well as our heart, lungs and reproductive organs. These health habits are usually transferred from parents to children and most of them seldom remember to check the biggest organ in the human body – our skin. It seems that we do think about skincare, but not everything can be managed this way. Naturally, there are some healthy habits everyone should adopt, but there are always risks and you can never be one hundred percent sure that everything is fine.

Stay away from trouble

The trends of having a great tan and a fantastic summer body doesn’t really align with medical advice regarding the health of our skin. It is highly recommended to steer clear of the sun during the peak of the day. The sun is strongest from 10am until 2pm and nobody should be in direct sunlight during that time. If you do need to spend time outside, make sure to wear a hat and long sleeves and cover as much skin as possible, or use sunscreen on the exposed parts. Also, keep away from tanning beds. They are completely unhealthy and it makes no sense to pay someone to increase your chances of getting skin cancer.

Get checked

Most skin cancer awareness campaigns urge people to get checked on a yearly basis. It could really save your life. The chances of surviving skin cancer are 99% when caught early. This is why all you need to do is get checked for melanoma on a regular basis and you’ll be safe. Despite the fact that you can do self-checks, too, there are some areas you can’t cover on your own. They include the inside of your ears, fingernails, the area beneath the underwear and pubic hair, as well your scalp. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

What if?

If you do notice a suspicious mole, report to the doctor just in case. A suspicious mole is one that is asymmetric or has an irregular border. It can also have color variety and it can change over time. Also, moles that are larger than 6 millimeters in diameter are generally more concerning than others. If your questionable mole turns out to be melanoma, don’t panic. Look for a well renowned aesthetic clinic and take your problems there. You will be checked-up, tested and you’ll undergo an intervention and adequate treatment. Melanoma is one of the “best” types of cancer as its curability rates are extremely high when caught early, so you should be fine if you check yourself regularly.

Risk factors

If you have fair skin, you’ll be more prone to skin cancer. Also, having many moles on your body is a sign you need to take the issue more seriously, as well as you family members having the same type of skin or a history of melanoma. However, don’t be paranoid – the number of moles on our body increases in time. Most of them are benign, but they should be checked, especially if they change state and color or they start to itch or bleed. Risky groups should perform self-checks on a monthly basis and professional ones once a year and anytime they notice something suspicious.

All in all, skin cancer awareness should be risen as it’s highly curable in early stages. So, don’t be lazy, annual visits to a dermatologist can become a habit just like visiting your dentist or gynecologist. It never hurts to be assured you are healthy and it helps a great deal when a problem is discovered early.

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