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Tips for skin care after your cosmetic laser surgery

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Lasers can do all kinds of miraculous skin rejuvenation treatments, from reducing wrinkles to alleviating dark spots. Laser treatments can be an effective method to rejuvenate and enhance the look of your skin. But to get the best results from laser treatment and to avoid any complications it’s important to follow a few vital post-treatment skincare tips.

So, if you’re looking for skin rejuvenation in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or beyond, here are a few things you can do to ensure you get the best out of your treatment.

Avoid direct sunlight

The skin can be very sensitive after any type of laser treatment. Damage from the sun’s UV rays, therefore, can be a lot worse for people who have just undergone laser treatment. To reduce the risk of causing dark spots, discomfort or any other kind of sun damage, you should do your very best to stay out of the sun right after your treatment.

Sticking to shaded areas is a good idea when you go outside, and you might want to wear a hat to keep the sun’s harsh rays from reaching your face. Finally, wear sunscreen during your recovery period, even if you are just going out to the driveway or to check the letter box. Choose a good quality sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and apply it when necessary. It is also a good idea to protect yourself inside, as sun can filter through windows and cause discomfort on your sensitive skin!

Keep cleansing the skin

You want to keep your skin clean after laser treatment. This might mean getting creative when it comes to skincare and cleansing (this depends on the treatment you received!). In the first few days after laser treatment, your surgeon might recommend washing your facial skin with a very diluted vinegar solution or saline. If you usually use a cleanser with harsh ingredients like acids, it’s best to hold off using these during the recovery period.

Reduce the swelling

Redness and swelling is quite common after laser treatment, particularly when it comes to ablative treatments that have an affect on the skin’s outer layers. Use an ice pack on your skin to reduce redness and swelling - it can also feel really nice on the skin!


Your surgeon will most likely recommend a good quality moisturiser to use post-treatment. People often apply Fraxel re:pair, a petroleum jelly, to the skin after their treatment. This jelly provides a protective barrier for the skin as well as hydrates it.

Avoid strong ingredients

If your skin care products typically contain harsh ingredients like retinol, it’s best to give these a miss for a few days or weeks after treatment. Your skin is recovering from professional treatment, and doesn’t need any strong or harsh ingredients agitating it. They just do more harm than good and your surgeon will let you know when it is a good idea to start using them again.

Elevate the head

Sleeping with the head elevated can help reduce swelling in the days and weeks after laser treatment. Feel free to prop yourself up with pillows in bed and try sleeping on your back, this way your head will be kept elevated and this can reduce swelling. Try not to lower your head or bend forward in a way that your head will drop below your heart line as this can induce swelling.

Relax & rest up!

Relax and rest, as it may take time for you to see the benefits of your health and beauty treatment! Rest is good for anyone post-treatment, whatever the treatment, and it’s certainly good after laser skin rejuvenation!

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Tips for skin care after your cosmetic laser surgery

Lasers can do all kinds of miraculous skin rejuvenation treatments, from reducing wrinkles to alleviating dark spots. Laser treatments can be an effective method to rejuvenate and enhance the look...

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