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Melbourne to Sydney Flights: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

Sydney has a unique charm and plenty of free tourist attractions. There are many fun outdoor activities, with several tourist spots, making Sydney a popular destination for many people. For those planning to visit Sydney, this article shares recommended attractions and flight information from Melbourne to Sydney flight that can be used as a guide.

Recommended Tourist Destinations in Sydney

Sydney is the largest city in Australia and offers a wide choice of tourist destinations. Below is information on the most recommended tourist destinations to visit:

1. Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is the most iconic building in Sydney. The snail-shaped building is located in front of the harbor, it has a beautiful sunset view and is the perfect place to end the day in Sydney. When you visit the Sydney Opera House, enjoy dining at the Opera Bar.

2. Museum of Contemporary Art

It's incomplete if you have a vacation to Sydney but have yet to visit the museum. There are many museums that you can see with easy mobility. One recommended museum is the Museum of Contemporary Art on the waterfront near Circular Quay. Here, you can enjoy contemporary Australian and international art.

3. Royal Botanic Gardens

The following recommended attraction is the Royal Botanic Gardens, one of this town's best places to enjoy nature. It is a garden with an extensive land trail following the harbor's coastline. At the Royal Botanic Gardens, you can see some of Australia's native plants and local birdlife, including cockatoos and kookaburras.

Recommended Airlines for Flights from Melbourne to Sydney

Flights from Melbourne to Sydney are served by several airlines. Here is the list:

1. Jetstar

Jetstar is a low-cost airline, suitable for those of you who are on holiday on a limited budget or are backpackers. Flights with Jetstar from Melbourne to Sydney require no transit and only take 1 hour 30 minutes. You've got a 7kg cab for cheap flights with Jetstar.

2. Qantas

Qantas is the next option for flights from Melbourne to Sydney. This is the largest airline in Australia that offers attractive facilities for its passengers, including in-flight meals, in-flight entertainment, power, and USB ports. Flights from Melbourne to Sydney with Qantas also do not require transit and only take 1 hour and 25 minutes.

3. Regional Express

Unlike the previous flight, the Regional Express, which serves the route from Melbourne to Sydney, must first transit to the Gold Coast. So, the time needed for this flight is longer, around 7 hours. Regional Express is an Australian airline operating regional and domestic flights based at Mascot.

4. Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia is the next airline that is also low-cost. Flights with Virgin Australia take 1 hour and 25 minutes without transit. The facilities provided by this airline are in-flight meals and in-flight entertainment.

Tips for Flight from Melbourne to Sydney

Passengers should purchase flight tickets in advance to get the best flight. You can make payments immediately if you find a flash sale ticket at a fantastic price. But, you must still consider various other things, such as flight times and dates, facilities provided, and others according to their respective needs.

Meanwhile, your vacation purpose can determine the best time to visit Sydney. For those who want to enjoy summer, you can come from December to February to enjoy festivals and events, come from March to May or September to November, and want to take a vacation when Sydney is quiet, can come from June to August. 

Sydney offers a lot of fun for a vacation. Here, you can visit museums, enjoy outdoor activities, and try food from around the world. If you plan a vacation to Sydney, you can use Traveloka to buy flight tickets from Melbourne to Sydney. This application provides easy ticket booking with various payment method options.

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Melbourne to Sydney Flights: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

Sydney has a unique charm and plenty of free tourist attractions. There are many fun outdoor activities, with several tourist spots, making Sydney a popular destination for many people. For...

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