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Modern Office Design for Productivity and Well-being

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What an office is supposed to look like has changed quite a bit over the last few years. While many experts disagree over the best office design, everyone agrees that an office looks best if kept clean. That’s why companies like ACS Commercial Cleaning are essential services for your business. 

Why Is Office Design Important?

Having a good office layout is a prerequisite for a positive work environment. One can argue that it can even influence the satisfaction and performance of an employee. It is also what makes a first impression, whether a client or a newcomer walks in. Businesses are well-equipped to take care of their employees, and a well-designed office can form part of their well-being. An engaging environment with the necessary resources can help to create a happy and productive environment. 

Many people are returning to the office from remote work or a hybrid setup. It’s more important than ever to help create connections among your employees. Remote work made people feel isolated – communication and creativity suffered. Your office should be designed in such a way that the space encourages teamwork and creative thinking. 

Office Design Trends

Let’s take a look at some of the trends of the modern Melbourne office that make employees content. 

Creating a Dynamic Space

Incorporating flexible furniture and “pod”-like offices allows your employees to move freely from one space to another. Don’t use big tables and fixed chairs. Instead, look for smaller pieces of furniture you can move around easily. Employees can adjust the layout for independent work, as well as collaboration with their teams. 

Let the Office Feel Like Home

After spending so much time working from home, employees and clients want to feel at home in your office. You can create this feeling of a home-away-from-home with the use of tasteful furniture. Incorporate couches and armchairs into the design, and add homely elements like throw pillows and potted plants. 

Make use of as much natural light as possible. Exposure to sunlight has been shown to improve mood and overall contentment. It can also make spaces look bigger and more welcoming. If your building doesn’t allow for plenty of natural light, you can use well-placed mirrors and a warm colour scheme to enhance what you have. 

Make Use of Plants

Biophilic design lets you incorporate greenery in the office. There are various benefits to using plants in the office. It reduces toxins in the air and noise levels. It increases the levels of oxygen and creates better airflow. Additionally, and possibly, more importantly, it increases productivity and overall well-being. You’ll also find your employees are more creative in greener areas. 

Consider the types of plants you want to use in your space. Many offices have started incorporating living walls where plants are displayed on the office walls. You don’t need to do this, as you can simply place various plants in strategic places around the office. 

Some plants you can consider include:

  • English ivy
  • Snake plant
  • Spider plant
  • Philodendron
  • Pothos
  • Peace lily

Wall Coverings

Using strategic wall coverings can create an ambiance in the office while talking to your business culture and history. Using hard surfaces that are easy to clean can help with office safety, while it also has the potential to increase creativity. It can also make your employees and clients feel safe and welcome in the space. Check out some ideas from the world leading wallpaper designers or book a free consultation with a wallpaper specialists across Melbourne. 

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to keep your offices clean and welcoming. The design has a lot to do with how your clients and employees feel when they enter the space. Use some design trends to create a welcoming, safe and productive environment where your employees will feel at home. 


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