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Important 2020 SEO Trends You Need to Know

  • Written by Diana Smith

The landscape of SEO is evolving with each passing year, which is why, if your business depends on its online presence and search engine ranking, this is a topic that’s definitely worth your attention. You see, it’s not just about being easier to discover. It’s also about the reputation and credibility boost that comes from passing all the requirements that search engines put in front of you. This creates a strong psychological effect that makes people who discover your business through organic search trust you. In other words, it’s a factor that can make or break your business. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several SEO trends that are going to be important in 2020.

1. Quality content is relative

The first thing that everyone talks about when it comes to content is the issue of quality. However, the majority of people misinterpret the very concept of quality, especially when it comes to content. Remember, it’s not the readers who award the ranking but the search engine. So, even if the majority of readers find your content to be the best piece of writing they’ve ever encountered, this doesn’t mean much unless it contributes to the backlink generation, visitor retention and several other metrics. In other words, exceptional content doesn’t guarantee top ranking but it can definitely contribute to it.

2.Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

The next thing you need to understand is the fact that not every metric is worth losing sleep over. Remember, SEO trends change with every update. Sure, some major metrics like bounce rate, the number of backlinks and the engagement rate are universally esteemed, nonetheless, their contribution to your ranking is sometimes hard to interpret. For this very reason, it’s crucial that you cast a bit wider net in hopes of future-proofing your position in search engine ranking systems. Still, in order to see the effect of all your activity, what you need is reliable reporting software. This way, you get some raw data in the form of well-organized reports to analyze.

3.Refined keyword phrases

More and more businesses are delving deeper into the world of SEO, which is why it’s growing harder and harder for one to find an appropriate unique set of keywords. Sticking to the same old keywords year in and year out is bound to keep you where you are. Fortunately, with some of the industry’s best keyword research tools, you can easily overcome this obstacle. Seeing as how this is something that will definitely see continuous use on your part, it’s more than worth investing in.

4.Voice search SEO

One of the most important trends in present-day SEO is the voice search phenomenon. You see, out of sheer convenience, more and more people are using voice search. In fact, there’s an estimate that in 2020, about 50 percent of all internet searches will be voice-based. The reason why this is so is due to the fact that the technology behind voice recognition has progressed drastically. The difference that this makes in the world of SEO is drastic as well. One example can be seen on the case of keywords, which are far more grammatical.

5.Keep your URLs short

When creating the URL for your pages, you need to stick to several handy principles. First of all, you need to keep them short. The rule of the thumb is that you should go for as little as six words or less. Also, try avoiding words that have difficult or ambiguous spelling patterns. This way, you’ll enable your URLs to keep their effectiveness.

6.Feature snippets and answer boxes

The way Google is organized at the moment, a lot of people are able to discover what they’re looking for without even clicking on a link. Feature snippets and answer boxes are more than capable of providing you with all the answers that you’re looking for. Still, optimizing them is more than necessary, which is why this task needs to become one of your top priorities.

Patience is not just a virtue but also an active ingredient in making your SEO efforts live up to their full potential. The reason for this is quite simple – any action you take will not show immediate results, which is why you need to wait and monitor the situation as a whole. You see, by pivoting too often, you might nip even some of your most lucrative actions in the bud. However, you shouldn’t wait for too long, seeing as how time is a finite resource. The wisdom to tell these two scenarios apart is what makes one into a successful digital marketer.


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