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Best 4 Sassicaia Wine with Soothing Taste and Aroma

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Within Italy and countries all over the world, Sassicaia is one of the considered one of the famous Italian Wines. It was owned by Mario Incisa della Rochetta of Tenute San Guido who has envisioned, intuited, and progressively activated the wine. Nowadays, the wine is sought wine after fine wines in the world. Further, the Tenute San Guido who produced Sassicaia is also known for other wines it has produced in the market. Sassicaia was harvested way back in 1968 for the first time. It quickly became successfully high already in the present time.

Along the changing time, there have been a set of changes within the production and its grape ingredient to make another form of Sassicaia wine. Each evolution becomes savory within the taste of everyone. The interval was not predicted but noticed after its reproduction. Within the whole production of different varieties of Sassicaia wine, there has been Best 4 of it which was taken within the Sokolin Sassicaia Wines. These became notable in the market of wines already.

1985 Sassicaia

This has become the rarest wines already; however, rated as excellent still of the buyers regarding the quality of taste and aroma it gives. The wine is blended with Cabernet France and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Sauvignon is predominantly the ingredient over the Cabernet Franc – 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Cabernet Franc. It has an alcohol content of 12 -14% which is within the parameter of standard alcohol of every wine. Most commonly, the wine is red bold and well-structured. Within the food, it is suggested to pair it with Beef and Venison.

For 1985 Sassicaia, grapes from the estate’s three vineyards had been crushed and fermented separately in tanks of steel at 30 degree Celsius for about two weeks. And then, it was blended before being aged for 22 months in 30% new barrels of which the 40% was, and 60% was French. As of today, the barrels are French oak already; however, the same proportion of new wood was still used. The wine costs $6, 895.00 within 1.5L. And there is an available other smaller size which costs $2,849.00 with 750ml.

1998 Sassicaia

At the end of the vintage Sassicaia in the year 1985, the year 1998 becomes a warm year which is also preferred vintage of Sassicaia winemakers. The wine is inky-dark, aromatic and taste and looks elegant. The bottling starts to evolve in this year too. It allows tertiary elegance and development within each variety. The wine color is still red with breakdown varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The alcohol is also not overly above normal: it has 12 -14% of alcohol content. It is rated very good by most of the buyers.

The wine exhibits interestingly towards its drinkers because it is traveling at two speeds. As the aroma runs towards your nose, it reminds you of dried spice, cured meat, cumin, and bresaola. Its color is dense ruby color with purple highlight. It looks impressive due to its integrity, fullness, and freshness. In Sokolin, it cost $4, 199.00 with 6L and still available.

2010 Sassicaia

After years, Sassicaia 2010 has marked drinker with its intense deep ruby red color most especially its main feature is its elegance. It is another year of showing off the aromatic enhancement of the Sassicaia wine. The wine is already combined with good acidity and thus gives a long lasting taste. There are also harmonious and sweet tannins.

It was released in the market with an outstanding bottle. As the wine will be opened, drinkers are welcomes by an intense bouquet of Mediterranean herbs, blue flower, blackberry, and leather aromas. It may be powerful, but it is graceful. The alcohol content of the wine consists of 13.5%.

2016 Sassicaia

It is more elegant and fresher than the 2015 Sassicaia. It is more classic Sassicaia also. The evolution of its taste has come in the of more large vineyard holdings. Other than that, there is a remarkable increase in older vines rather than adopting any new-fangled winemaking techniques. It becomes the wine soaring achievement of 2016 Sassicaia.

The wine is formed and sharped with ripe cherry, grilled herb, barbeque spice, and blackberry. These arrays of dark fruits, spices, and herbs are currently confined in the layers of dusky tannins together with a lively vein of juicy acidity. The juicy acidity as mentioned draws the nascent flavors. The wine becomes prominent to wine drinkers due to its elegance and aroma. Also, it costs $279.00 for 750ml in Sokolin wines.


The high raising scent and taste of the best combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet France become prominent because of Sassicaia wines. The best four varieties of Sassicaia wines which are mentioned above may give you as wine drinker a guide on which of the plenty array you need to pick out. Grab a bottle and taste it to yourself.

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