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Prozac for Dogs: An Effective Psychotropic

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In the quest to live in good health, many treatments are taken to facilitate and ensure this. Science and research has also gone very far in the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of various illnesses.

In the same way that humans take care of their health, as a matter of responsibility, so also is the health of whatever living thing they own their responsibility. This is especially so when it concerns the health of our pets.

Luckily also, lots of inroad has been made as it pertains to their treatments. And with more and more research ongoing, much more effective treatments are being discovered.

An example of such inroad made would be Prozac for dogs.

What Is Prozac?

This originally was a medication for humans with behavioral disorders, depression, anxiety etc. However, with more advancements, it is now being used in the treatment of dogs for such similar ailments like disorders, anxiety some other conditions. You can read more about it here:

This medication is psychotropic thus, it is able to trick your pet’s neurotransmitters thereby manipulating how it reacts to certain situations. Generally though, it primarily enhances its mood, lifting it from feelings of sadness and anxiety to a more happy state.

What Conditions Is It Prescribed For?

  1. Separation Anxiety: This is the condition that it is most commonly prescribed for. This condition is usually as a result of some earlier traumatic experiences especially with regards separation from its owner.

  2. General Anxiety: This can be observed from how it reacts to situations like sudden noise etc. This condition might be caused by the dog being advanced in age or it may be that an illness has affected its senses.

  3. Aggression: This describes a condition in which it reacts in an unnecessarily aggressive manner even to people it is familiar with and in other situations.

  4. People Phobia: When your pet begins to dread being near people, even its owners, this could be its condition.

  5. Compulsive Disorders: This is a condition that can occur both in humans and animals. In your pet, it can cause it to constantly repeat some weird actions like chasing its tail or being constantly tense.

It is important to note that this medication might produce varied results in different scenarios with different dogs. This is simply because there may be different causes for their present condition.

This now emphasizes the need for proper examination by a veterinary doctor to properly diagnose the condition and to properly prescribe an appropriate treatment. However, whatever the case, this medication generally would produce some notable improvement in its condition. You can find out more about this here.

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