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Great Ways to Stay Fit When You are Busy

  • Written by Nicholas Rizzo

Everyone knows how important exercise is. It’s how you stay in shape, how you build muscle, and how you keep your body healthy as you grow older. Another thing everyone knows is that exercise can be difficult, and it can be especially difficult to find a time to fit exercise into your busy schedule. Work has to get done, kids have to be taken care of, and when all that’s done, you’re usually too tired to exercise, right?

You may have asked yourself the question, “what exercise burns the most fat?” Fortunately, there are easy strategies you can implement to include exercise into a busy schedule. One general tip is to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, so that you’re doing something to exercise while you’re working. We’ll talk about ways to do that below. Another tip is to emphasize short bursts of intense exercise that will give you a good workout but won’t take up a lot of time.

  • Sprint Interval Training

You may have heard of a running regimen called SIT (Sprint Interval Training). This is which is where you run at full speed for 30-60 seconds and then take a few minutes rest. It’s great for pushing yourself past your boundaries, expanding your endurance, and increasing your running speed. It’s also a very easy way for new runners to acclimate themselves to running and exercise in a way that won’t be too much too soon.

  • Cut Out Carbs

One very simple way to stay fit while you’re busy is to cut carbs out of your diet. This is simple, but for many people it isn’t easy. That’s because carbs usually are great tasting and hard to resist. But carbs also add the most fatty weight to your body, so if you cut them out, you’ll lose weight and stay fit.

  • Take the Stairs

A simple and easy way to stay fit is to take the stairs whenever possible. Perhaps you work in an office with an elevator. Needless to say, riding elevators all day doesn’t burn calories. Taking the stairs does. So take the stairs whenever possible. You’ll be burning calories and burning fat. You might also want to think about walking the stairs every day before or after lunch in order to aid digestion and burn calories.

  • Use a Ball Chair or Standup Desk

While we’re on the topic of work, think about incorporating a ball chair or standup desk in your office. A ball chair forces you to engage your core and abs while sitting, which will burn calories and tone your mid-section. A standup desk will engage your leg muscles all day, which will also burn calories.

  • Take a Walk When You’re on Your Phone

Lastly, think about taking a walk the next time you have to be on your phone for a long time or have a phone call. This will keep you fit, burn calories, and also provide a peaceful, private atmosphere for you to concentrate and take care of business.

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