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Resources To Help You Plan the Ultimate Wine Trip With Your Besties

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When planning a trip with your best friends, you want to make sure you get the most out of your time and money to create a memorable experience you can each enjoy. There are so many different destinations and activities to choose from that you may feel lost about where to start your travel planning. Here are some resources to inspire you!

Plan your trip around an experience.

Let's say you and your friends love bonding over a good glass of wine! Monarch Wine is a digital wine publication that also hosts private wine events all over the United States. An intimate social wine club with an exclusive VIP tasting experience is perfect for a weekend getaway with friends. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of good music, delicious vino, and inviting decor. You can arrange a private wine tasting and see what else is in the area of the winery that you may want to experience. For instance, Alpha Omega Winery is located in Napa Valley, so you can explore the world of California wine and sample new things you've never tried before. Sauvignon blanc, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon are just some of the wines you have to try on your trip! Moreover, you can tour orchards and learn about winemaking from experts in the business. If you and your friends all enjoy wine, why not center your entire trip around it?

Explore trending travel sites.

The Freight Hopper is a travel website that highlights trending and unique travel destinations and ideas. If you are at a total loss of where to start, or if you and your besties travel frequently, you may struggle to choose a destination that will be new and exciting for each of you. This site will highlight some lesser-known travel destinations, local events, and trending travel ideas. You may discover a place that you and your friends have never even heard of before! Allow your friends to check out the site separately, choose the best travel ideas that excite you, and then see if any of you picked the same place. You'll need to consider your total budget, how far it is, travel options, and the season you plan to travel during when choosing a location.

Choose from an array of accommodation possibilities.

Airbnb is a website filled with places to stay all across the world. This popular accommodation platform includes houses, apartments, guestrooms within a house, and even unique options like treehouses and boats! Once you choose a location to travel to, you can check Airbnb for a place to stay and filter your search based on your budget, the amenities that you want, and the distance from the city center. This is perfect when you are traveling with a group of people because you can all stay together in more of a community setting rather than renting a bunch of hotel rooms with no common area to hang out. When divided the price of the rental with everyone attending, renting a house or an apartment often ends up being less expensive than staying in hotels.

Rely on a general Google search.

This one may seem obvious, but you can genuinely learn everything you need to know from Google. Talk to your friends, check out Freight Hopper, Monarch Wines, and other more specific travel sites to find a location, and then go to Google to see what else is available. You can create an entire trip around one event or destination. Find hotels, must-see attractions, top-rated restaurants, and more with a simple browse on Google. You can fill in all of the blanks for your trip with a couple of Google searches by reading reviews, seeing images of accommodation, restaurants, beaches, and nightlife, as well as comparing prices for trips.

Planning a trip with your besties can be as fun of an experience as going on the trip itself. Make sure that there are activities on the trip that each traveler will enjoy. While it can be challenging to find all activities that everyone will enjoy, you can find activities that each of you can enjoy and then focus on spending time with each other and experiencing new things as a group.

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