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How to Properly Clean & Look After a Motorhome Toilet

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Motorhomes are recreational vehicles that make living outside possible and fun. Outdoor living, on the other hand, can be a burden if you don't like for the motorhome’s amenities. Drainage clogging, particularly in toilets, is a major issue with motorhomes.

Yes, motorhome toilets clog up significantly faster than conventional home toilets. This article will explain why motorhome toilets become clogged so quickly and how to unclog them.

Why Do Motorhome Toilets Clog So Quickly?

The following are some of the reasons why RV toilets become blocked more quickly than those in typical homes:

  1. Waste and tissue build-up: When tissue and wastes do not dissolve completely, they choke pipes, leaving deficiencies that accumulate.

  2. Foreign objects: Any object other than tissues that is flushed down the toilet can clog the drain. Pebbles, twigs, and other foreign things are not soluble in water and should be avoided.

  3. Hard water: Hard water contains a high concentration of calcium and magnesium, which leaves a chalky deposit in pipes, clogging the drainage system. It's also dangerous because it can cause leaks.

What Toilet Products Should You Have in Your RV?

Some of these items are essential, while others are not. These items, on the other hand, lower the odds of your RV's toilet becoming blocked. These are the items:

  1. RV tank holding treatments: These tanks are essential for any RV because they manage moisture levels, prevent odours, and break down waste items to keep your RV's black water tank clean.

  2. RV sewer hose: This hose drains black water tanks into campground or dump station sewage systems. It isn't required, but it can help prevent clogs. They are, however, designed for specific RV types; therefore, select the appropriate hose for your RV.

  3. Drain auger/snake: plumber's This versatile tool clears obstructions in drains and pipelines. This is useful for unclogging your RV's toilet.

  4. RV toilet cleansers: These are made specifically for RV toilets and are therefore more powerful than regular toilet cleaners. However, the design of these cleaners is determined by the type of RV, so be sure the one you choose is suitable with yours.

Tips for Unclogging the Toilet in an RV

When unclogging an RV's toilet, specific procedures are followed, including:

  1. Check for foreign things: Use a flashlight to look through the toilet bowl for any foreign objects in the drain and pull them out with a plier or wire hanger.

  2. Pouring boiling water into the bowl: After taking the initial measurement, pour boiling water into the bowl to help break down residue and build-ups that are out of reach. Make sure you don't spill any water on yourself.

  3. Use a plunger: A plunger provides a suction force that pulls anything obstructing the toilet's pipes out of the way. Place the plunger in the bowl and plunge repeatedly until the clog is no longer visible. When water begins to flow freely, this can be observed.


Regularly cleaning the toilet with tank holding solutions is another cleaning and maintenance technique for unclogging an RV's toilet. To break down residue build-up and avoid flushing foreign things down the toilet, combine vinegar and baking soda together. These RV toilet maintenance suggestions will help you avoid problems.

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