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How to choose Fragrance that matches your Home's Interior Decor

  • Written by Rick Andersson

When designing interior spaces, many homeowners forget to look for a fragrance that will complement the interior décor. While choosing a style that suits one’s personality is easy, identifying a scent that will complement this style is a challenge. 

Aside from the visual elements like texture, colour and lighting, also look into scents that add warmth to your home. After all, interior décor goes beyond what the eyes can perceive. 

The right scent will take your home’s design to a whole new level. We’ve prepared a guide to help you choose a scent that complements the vibe your interior décor conveys.  

Let’s take a look!

Bohemian Interior Space 

Bohemian interior spaces feature a combination of patterns and bold colours to achieve an eclectic look. These designs like online free slots sites are interesting and inviting. Boho looks are mostly inspired by different cultures that specialize in exotic designs. 

Pairing natural aspects like floral designs and greenery with a floral scent would work perfectly for your living space. You need an aromatic scent that encompasses the boldness of the colours and the exotic nature of the overall look. 

Bohemian interior designs give your guests the impression that you’re a free-spirited individual who enjoys their time in nature. The flowery scents invite nature’s scent in so that guests can have the full nature experience. Fragrances that have undertones of jasmine and sage give your home a herby yet sweet smell that you or your guests cannot have enough off. You can also explore mossy wood fragrances that incorporate that fresh earthy vibe. 

Contemporary Interior Spaces 

If your interior décor follows a contemporary style, incorporate a scent that amplifies your space as your design shows it off. Contemporary design can either be simple or sophisticated, the only constant is it focuses on the space, rather than décor pieces. 

Natural colour palettes, glass and metal are common elements in a contemporary space as they reinforce clean lines as one transitions from one space to the next. A fresh and sleek space requires a lingering scent that gives it an alluring vibe. 

Scents that are sweet citrus or fresh lemon-like are excellent because they might be underlying, but are pronounced enough for you to smell. Pairing a natural aroma with a natural colour palette makes your house feel like home. 

Rustic Interior Spaces 

Rusting interior spaces incorporate natural design element made from stone or raw wood. You pair these with soft textures to give your spaces a cosy or romantic feel. Rustic interior décor pieces should be inspired by nature’s beauty. Incorporating these pieces should feel like welcoming in the beauty of the great outdoors. 

As you bring in raw elements into your space, think about adding a fragrance with woody notes to complement them. A sandalwood scent should be perfect for a man cave, as it has masculine undertones. To achieve a more feminine aura, go for a wood oriental fragrance with exotic vanilla and cedar for that warm and homely vibe. 

Vintage Interior Space 

Vintage interior design trends can be dramatic, glamorous, sophisticated or simple depending on what you’re going for. There is a whole spectrum of vintage décor items to help you achieve the interior space of your dreams. 

Vintage interior design is mostly associated with luxury, opulence and femininity. Most people use décor pieces from the Victorian age for that rich aunty vibe. 

To enhance the glamor, look for vintage style fragrances that emanate warmth and maturity. A floral oriental scent that’s a combination of vanilla and jasmine scents is the perfect balance of traditional and exotic notes. Use this as your signature scent to add character to your vintage interior space. 

Wrapping Up 

Pairing interior design trends with complementary fragrances adds character to your space. Selecting the right scent elevates your décor pieces to a whole new level. We hope this article will help you add life to your living space.

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