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Various Reasons To Choose Marble Tiles For Your Living Room

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Selecting a flooring option for a living room is hard. The space creates far reaching impressions and there is no room for mistakes in design. Marble tiles are an excellent choice for living room spaces and lounging areas. The stone creates a great first impression and this explains its popularity in top-tier hotels. Here are a few reasons why marble tiles are the best flooring option for your living room space


Marble adds an elegant touch to interior design. It’s the reason why it was the ideal flooring option for royals in ancient civilisations. The stone has a unique lustre that immediately catches your attention when you enter a room. Once light hits the surface of the tiles, the sheen it yields is unmatched. The natural streaks on the tiles also accentuate the stone’s aesthetic appeal and improve design outcomes. Everything about marble alludes class.

Colour Options

With marble tiles, you can’t run out of colour options. The stone is a product of metamorphism, a natural process that involves heating pre-existing rocks to alter their mineral composition. Since the rock is a work of nature, the outcomes are varied and unique. No two pieces are the same. The stone comes in all shades of colours ranging from soft hues to dark colours. Moreover, marble has unique streaks that add texture to the surface. The stone is like nature's piece of art. The wide range of colours available give plenty of room to create unique interior designs.


The resistance offered by marble is for life. Since the rock is formed in high pressure and high temperature conditions, it has unmatched resilience. Marble tiles are extremely hard and they can take on a lot of weight. Installation of the tiles in high traffic areas like living rooms does not compromise its integrity. Marble is also resistant to scratching and this explains its use in the design of countertops.


Marble has many applications. It works well for kitchens and bathroom spaces. However, its application in living room spaces has an unmatched impact on interior design. The stone can be cut into different sizes for a perfect fit. Large tiles give the illusion of an extensive floor space which can make a small room feel large. On the hand, smaller tiles offer design flexibility and can achieve a mosaic style. Since each tile is different from the next, you can get creative with the layout patterns for the floor.


Marble has minimal maintenance requirements. The tiles are tough and hold their integrity despite exposure to extreme forces. Nonetheless, marble tiles need protection from wear and tear. Sealing is a great solution for preventing moisture damage and staining. The process involves laying a sealant on the surface of the tiles to cover all pores. Over time, the sealant may wear off. Therefore, it’s important to reseal your floor every 12 months for maximum protection. If you wish to enhance the lustre of your marble floor, you should polish the tiles before sealing.


All the benefits accrued from marble tiles translate to the enhancement of property value following installation. Although marble is expensive, it has a great value for money. The return of investment on the tiles is almost immediate since rental value goes up after installation. The tiles are also a great selling point in the property market. Every tenant will come knocking at your door once they catch wind that your living room houses marble floor tiles.

Marble is an elegant stone that has stood the test of time. Fit it into your living room floor and start enjoying the benefits.

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