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Sleep Republic’s Multi-Award Winning Mattress Now Available in Kids’ Sizes

Melbourne mattress company, Sleep Republic, is excited to announce the launch of its new kids’ mattress range in 2022. The multi-award-winning company has been busy developing a mattress specifically designed for kids, so everyone can get a good night’s sleep.

Boasting natural, certified non-toxic materials, the Sleep Republic Kids Mattress provides maximum comfort and support to help children fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. Designed in Braybrook, Victoria, for the Australian climate, it utilises cutting-edge materials to keep kids cool and comfortable.

The Sleep Republic Kids Mattress has been created to support children’s healthy development and well-being. A hybrid pocket spring design, it features the same innovative construction that’s helped Sleep Republic become a multi-award winner. Awarded BedBuyer’s Best Mattress in a Box in 2020, 2021 and 2022 ahead of over 160 other brands, the design has also received multiple industry awards and accreditations.

The team at Sleep Republic know kids do much more than just sleep on their mattresses. (They were kids too once, after all!) The strong hybrid pocket-spring design is robust enough to withstand anything the family ‘wild child’ can throw at it. And the best part? The Sleep Republic Kids Mattress will still bounce back to provide optimal support for years to come. It’s even backed by a solid ten-year warranty.

A pillar of the mattress manufacturing industry in Australia and a man passionate about all things ‘sleep’, Founder Mark Ottley says, “We couldn’t ignore the fact that while adults were enjoying the benefits of quality sleep on a high-performance hybrid mattress - their kids were still sleeping on inferior mattresses. With kids’ sleep being so important to health and well-being, we knew we needed to design a mattress specifically for growing children to help Australian families get the sleep they need.”

Innovation runs deep at Sleep Republic. Not content with just producing a new kids' mattress range in 2022 - they’ve also expanded their payment options! You can now use AfterPay, OpenPay, SplitIt and cryptocurrency, to name just a few, and purchase your mattress in interest-free installments.

In fact, Sleep Republic offer the largest range of payment and financing options in the online mattress marketplace. With prices starting at just $749 and free next-day delivery available in metro areas, this game-changing mattress is also very affordable.  

Are all mattresses created equal? Wake up and smell the coffee, parents!

If your kid is getting poor-quality sleep, they may as well not be sleeping. Research suggests that children experience the same poor health from poor-quality sleep as sleep deprivation.

Poor mental health in children has also been tied to poor quality sleep. While other factors,  such as irregular sleep routines and using electronic devices before bed, can contribute to a bad night’s sleep, a cheap mattress will only compound the problem.

Children who have trouble falling or staying asleep may experience side effects such as anxiety, depression, fatigue or anger. Give them a great, high-quality mattress, and you’re giving your child a great start to life. The Sleep Republic Kids range makes falling asleep and staying asleep far easier and offers kids aged 2–15 the quality sleep they need for healthy growth, active learning and healthy development.

Sleep Republic’s new Kids’ Mattress range is now available to purchase online at SleepRepublic

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