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All you need to know about air purifiers for allergies

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An air purifier works by filtering out the air of toxins, dirt, and pollen to make it easier for you to breathe in the fresh air. During spring seasons, people who have allergies get affected the most and getting an air purifier can help you avoid all the sneezing and sniffing. Most people get lazy and don’t take preventive actions to remedy their allergy situation, so getting an air purifier is your best bet. There are many air purifiers for allergies that you can choose from on the market or online. A quick search on the internet will help you find the type of purifier that suits your needs the most. However, not every type of air purifier can help you avoid allergies. Purifiers with a HEPA filter are the best if you want your allergies to stay away and you can breathe in fresh air without sneezing and sniffling all the time. Don’t worry, as today we are going to share with you some tips on how you can get an air purifier that can help you out with your allergies. Theses tips are listed as follows;

Get A HEPA Air Purifier

With the vast amount of allergy air purifiers on the market, you might be asking yourself which one you should buy? However, if you don't know the answer, but you just know that it can get difficult for you to breathe during a specific time of the year due to your allergies, doctors usually recommend that you get a HEPA air purifier. Hepa Filters were made by NASA for use in their space shuttles, where astronauts need fresh and uncontaminated air. HEPA stands for high energy particle arresting. That means an air purifier with a HEPA filter sucks up and eliminates pollen and dust particles that might be present in the air. There are many companies out there that sell air purifiers with HEPA filters. Also, these filters need to be changed from time to time to improve the efficiency of the air purifier to keep the air dust and pollen-free. Whenever you change a HEPA filter, you will be able to see how much dirt and dust have been developed on the used filter and you will be glad that you did not breathe in all this dirt and dust. So, all in all, getting an air purifier that comes with a HEPA filter is a great way for people to avoid allergies, so they don't sneeze all the time and can breathe in fresh and clean air properly.

Stay Away From Electrostatic And Ozone Generating Purifiers

Other than HEPA air purifiers, there are two other types of air purifiers available on the market. An electrostatic air purifier works by using ionization or electrostatic force to attract and absorb dirt particles from the air, but they do not filter out air from all the toxins that might be present in it. Hepa is still the best way to go if you want the cleanest air imaginable as it gets rids of the majority of dust particles and toxins from the air. Ozone generating purifiers should be avoided at all costs. They work by generating ozone to try and remove chemicals from the air; however, it does not remove dust and pollen, which is the main cause of allergies. High exposure to ozone for a long time is really bad for a person's health. It can also deaden a person's sense of smell. It has also been found that ozone combines with existing chemicals in the air to form formaldehyde which is bad for your lungs. So it is a good idea to stay away from such air purifiers if you have allergies, as they do a bad job in removing pollen and dust from the air, which can, in turn, trigger your allergies.

Activated Carbon Air Purifiers

Along with a HEPA filter, your air purifiers should also have some form of absorption medium like activated carbon. Activated carbon helps in absorbing odors, volatile organic compounds, paint fumes, formaldehyde, ozone and other unpleasant gasses from the air. It functions as a double benefit if your air purifier has activated carbon present in it along with a HEPA filter. The HEPA filters dust and pollen while the activated carbon gets rid of harmful gasses from the air, making it the best possible way to avoid activating your allergies. There are many options available on the market that provide you with both of them in a single solution.

Do Not Forget To Change The Filter

Everyone can purchase an air purifier, but it is about maintaining it year-round so that it can work efficiently. Whenever you purchase an air purifier mark your calendars and change the filter preferable after 2 months of use, f you want to run it the whole year. Some newer model air purifiers are smart and have an indicator on them to tell you that the filter needs to be changed. If you suffer from bad allergies, it is a great idea to change the filter before the start of allergy season in the spring or fall. Some good quality air purifiers also have a built-in air quality indicator, that tells you when the air purifier is working properly and when the air is not getting cleaned, and you need to change the filter.

What You Hope To Filter

Depending on what type of allergies you have, you will have to make your decision accordingly. Many types of air filters focus on removing specific pollutants from the air. HEPA filters usually remove dust and pollen from the, so if you are allergic to such things, that will be your best bet. Activated carbon removes gases and odor from the air, so if you are allergic to gas odor, get one that has it. Photoelectrochemical air purifiers remove very small particles from the air by making a photoelectrochemical reaction that destroys bad particles from the air. Permanently installed air cleaners like HVACs can also be considered if you want a more temporary solution. they can remove dust and pollen and other harmful chemicals from the air and are typically installed in a large area. They use filters like the above-mentioned one and usually have an air exchanger that cleans the air.

Size Of The Area To Filter

The size of the area you want to filter should also come into consideration when choosing an allergy air purifier. A CADR or clean air delivery rate can be used to determine how much area the air purifier will cover. For example, a HEPA filter has a high CADR rating and can clean the air of duts, particles, tobacco smoke and pollen very easily and effectively, to avoid triggering your allergies. If any air purifier has a high CADR, then it can be the right choice for you and your allergies, as it will clean the most amount of air in any space. The size of the air purifier also matters, so get something big enough to clear the space that you want to put it in.

The Final Words

Getting properly filtered air inside your lungs is a great way to keep them healthy and free from allergens and toxins. There is no single air purifier that will be right for you and gives you everything in one package. However, for the most effective cleaning process, buy an air purifier that has a good CADR rating and Comes along with a HEPA filter and has some sort of absorption medium to absorb all forms of gasses and chemicals. Also, it a great idea to make sure that it is energy efficient and can easily be maintained. For people with allergies, it is a must that you breathe in fresh air whenever you are inside your home to avoid triggering allergies. Today we have made you aware of things that you should know before you decide to get an air purifier for allergies.

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