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Cleanliness is the key to have good health

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Hygiene is very important in the life of every person because it resists bacteria that can harm our health. Bacteria grow rapidly in a dirty place. It is necessary to wipe the dust from the shelves and other objects where bacteria can grow. If we don’t keep our surrounding clean, breathing the polluted dust will harm our lungs, body and our health. You also need to wash the dishes right after having a meal. If you ignore and leave the uncleaned dishes, then it can cause you food poisoning and sickness. Similarly, cleaning your carpet and upholstery material is essential to maintain indoor hygiene. Carpets can accumulate a lot of dirty, dust debris and bacteria that is enough to make your entire family sick. Chemdry in Sydney is one of the best companies that offer carpet and upholstery cleaning services

It’s so important to clean our environment, our house and ourselves. Keeping the surroundings clean and tidy can save you from any kind of sickness.

Following are a few basic things that you must keep clean in your daily life:


Baby teeth appear in humans in the first year of their life. At the age of 6-7, teeth are 20 in total. Some of them start to fall out at the age of 8-9. New and adult teeth start erupting at that empty area. At 10-11 years of age, all milk teeth usually fall out and replaced by permanent ones. If a person loses his adult tooth, a new one will never grow again. What helps us digest food? It’s the teeth that help in such aspect. Food saturated in the mouth with saliva and grounded by teeth. When you eat, the food particles get stuck in the small spaces between your teeth. When you don’t brush your teeth after the meal and before sleep, the food particles get rotten, and bacteria starts growing on it. That can seriously harm your teeth and makes your mouth stinky.  


Nails protect your fingertips from injury. However, they can be harmful if they’re too big, and you don’t cut them regularly. They can also be a threat to your health if you don’t keep them clean. A large number of pathogenic microbes can accumulate under the nails. You must cut your hand nails once a week, and toenails once every 2-3 weeks as they grow slower than hand nails. Before the procedure, we recommend holding the hands and feet in warm soapy water. It softens your nails. You should cut them in a semicircle. If you don’t trim your nails correctly, sharp edges can grow into the skin and cause pain and inflammation.


It’s also important to keep your hair in order. Scientists have determined that hair lives up to four years. For a year they have time to grow by 12-15 centimetres. To make your hair healthy and thick, you need to take care of it regularly and comb it daily. Combing makes the hair dust-free and clean. You should do it daily to maintain the health of your hair. You must wash your hair using a good quality shampoo.

Clean skin

The human body contains a lot of water. If there is no skin on the body, the water will evaporate, and a person would become prunes. The skin not only retains water in the body but also prevents it from penetration inside. It releases a kind of lubricant called sebum, which makes the skin waterproof. If the skin was not waterproof, the person would become a sponge whenever he takes a bath. The skin provides excellent protection against germs. 

Our skin has small holes (pores). Some of them absorb oxygen and other releases some oil that moisturise the skin. Some of them emit sweat and harmful substances that accumulate in the body. Dust and sweat can clog the pores of our skin. This cause the breakouts of acne and lethargic skin. It’s necessary to clean your body every day to remove dust particles. Take a bath daily or after a day to stay clean.

Importance of hygiene in society

Hygiene skills are a very important part of a culture of behaviour. Your body, face, hair, clothes, and shoes must be tidy and clean because of the ethical rules. Here, we are dictating you not only for the requirements of hygiene but also because of the norms of human relations. Children should understand and follow these rules of ethics and hygiene. The education of personal and public hygiene skills plays a crucial role in protecting their health. It’s contributing to behave properly in everyday life in public places.

Is cleanliness a key to good health? Most of us will answer, yes! “Purity brings a person closer to a deity”, said one European sociologist. The word hygiene itself came from the name of one of the daughters of the Greek God-healer Asclepius – Hygeia. She’s known as a goddess of purity and health.

Hygiene tips for children

Ultimately, not only for children but also the adults should have full knowledge about the necessary hygiene rules and norms of good behaviour in public. In the process of daily work with children, it is necessary to strive and ensure the implementation of personal hygiene rules that should be natural for them. Hygiene skills are constantly improving with age. In the beginning, children are taught to follow the basic rules. Wash hands with soap, rub your hands well and then wipe them properly. These are the main tips for children to stay clean:

Use an individual towel, comb the hair, rinse in a glass before drinking water and make sure that all things must be clean.

The task of adults in the formation of cultural and hygienic skills is to develop self-control when implementing the rules and norms of personal hygiene.

The parents have to constantly strengthen the hygiene skills in their children by admitting them in the kindergarten. Adults must set an example for the children because they always observe their parents or teachers. We hope that our recommendations will help you in any case.

Many parents believe that they should dress-up their child warmer. To wrap the children into hundreds of layers that can cause sickness. Movement warms the body. A lot of unnecessary clothes on your child can make their body overheat due to the heat exchange of the body and clothes. Here, you can learn more about the great tips to stay clean for a healthy life.


Make sure you stay clean and hygienic as much as possible to stay healthy. I hope these tips of hygiene can help you stay clean and healthy.

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