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If you buy virtual currency, use a safe and secure exchange

  • Written by Thomas Carey

There are three major ways to get virtual currency. The first is to "purchase" on the virtual currency exchange, the second is to "receive" virtual currency from campaigns and third parties such as friends and acquaintances, and the third is to support the operation of virtual currency projects by equipping the equipment. When making money with virtual currencies, it is common to "buy" to obtain capital gains by selling the virtual currency higher than the purchase price.

It is necessary to buy and sell virtual currencies on a virtual currency exchange, but these days there are many hacks and a large amount of currency outflow incidents on virtual currency exchanges, so virtual currency exchanges that are strong in security to prevent damage you have to choose. ”Three recommended virtual currency exchanges and sales outlets with perfect security measures” introduces exchanges that are strong in security, so please take a look.

Among over 2,000 virtual currencies, a handful of currencies are recommended for beginners

I'm afraid that many beginners of virtual currency investment may be wondering which virtual currency should be bought from among the 2,000 or more types of virtual currency that currently exist. Recently, various regulations have been put in place to reduce the number of projects with excessive complaints, but you should refrain from buying the virtual currency easily because it is advertised by a celebrity.

A well-known virtual currency that has a market capitalization within the top 10 is already expensive and has a limited return, but it is a more reliable project than a virtual currency that no one knows. On the contrary, in the case of virtual currency with low name recognition, the risk is high. The potential for dozens of times more profits means that the project is still in its infancy, the price is not stable and the project itself is not feasible and there is enough fear. When purchasing virtual currency, make sure you understand the future that the project is aiming for and make an investment decision. Click on Bitcoin Aussie System to know more.

Confirm the source of the virtual currency information to purchase

Since the virtual currency market is still immature, and the idea of ​​virtual currency itself denies the existence of a specific manager, it is very difficult for beginners to obtain primary information about virtual currency It has a high degree of success. Even the famous virtual currency projects often have information distributed on multiple websites, and it is not uncommon to send the latest information on a timeline basis like Twitter. Therefore, beginners will make investment decisions by referring to the information media that collects information and the statements of celebrities, but it may be that the information is old or some of the information is incorrect.

Virtual currencies are developed all over the world, so basically the most reliable source of information is English. You may not be able to confirm a reliable source of information because you are not good at English, but there are many people who twist the meaning at the translation stage of English or intentionally change information and send it. Not only for virtual currency investment, but for information gathering before investment, be sure to grasp firmly what kind of nuance the developers and other information senders are talking about.

Diversify risk by investing time on your side with a long-term investment

Is the period for earning 1 million yen short or long? Risks, methods, and difficulty of achievement greatly change depending on the target period. From a short-term perspective, you can either trade frequently to accumulate profits or you can capture large price movements and carry out transactions efficiently. It is difficult to invest in the short-term perspective, which tends to increase the number of transactions, and it is easy for beginners to analyze charts and fundamentals, grasp characteristics of each exchange such as fees and spreads, grasp trends in the market surrounding virtual currencies, etc.

Lightness is attractive. Of course, it is assumed that you can invest money in the future of virtual currencies, but the detailed work required for short-term trading is unsuitable for beginners and side jobs. 


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If you buy virtual currency, use a safe and secure exchange

There are three major ways to get virtual currency. The first is to "purchase" on the virtual currency exchange, the second is to "receive" virtual currency from campaigns and third parties...

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