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5 Reasons why you still need to use a business card in digital times

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One may think that it is time to move on from the age-old tradition of using business cards to their advantage. However, if one still feels the need to use them, here are five reasons why one should still consider using a business card in digital times. They have not been around forever, so they do not know what is 'in' and what is 'out. They are only one component of a much larger and essential toolkit of marketing tools, even if they do. If one has not yet started using them, one is missing out. Check out Space Print to read more about business cards.

Business cards provide an effective marketing tool for many reasons. They give the potential customer their company name and contact information. They create an excellent first impression with many people and are affordable to get their message across.

A business card is an economical way to get their name and face out there. When people receive them, they can either keep them or discard them immediately. This allows one to make a personal connection with someone who can help one with their business.

Also, business cards are quick and easy to produce. They are also more cost-effective than other marketing tools. With a phone call, email, or personal visit, one will show proof of their business. If someone is interested in their services, they already have a familiarity with their business. There is no need to sell their services to someone who does not know who one is. Their business card acts as their resume in the marketing world.

Finally, there is something to be said for a tangible item that one can hold in one hand. The physical aspect of their business card makes it personal. It is not just a card. It is something that one can show their clients about themselves and their company. They will remember one and the brand one created through the product one gave them.

These are the reasons why one still needs to use a business card in digital times. One still has one at home. One has one in their car. Use them as one did before. Present their branding and create a rapport between one and every customer one meet.

It is not enough for their business cards to be about themselves. One still needs to remember to include contact information such as their website or email address on each card. Do not leave this out. Business cards are also a great place to hand out their sales pitch. This is their chance to highlight the products and services one offers and get people's attention. Hand them out, and be sure to pay special attention to the contact information.

Even if one is the type of person who likes to deal with "old-fashioned" business cards, do not rule out using digital ones. One might find them a better option. They are cheaper, available in all kinds of sizes, and can send emails and call people with them. If one likes, one can even print them out for a great promotional item. Think about sending business cards with their informational brochures and catalogs.

However, there is one thing that one needs to keep in mind. While these can be a great tool to promote their business, they still need to be treated as mere tools. Use them to spread the word around but do not get caught up in the idea of spending their advertising budget on business cards alone. Remember, their goal is to generate business, and to do that, one needs other forms of advertising. Use other forms of advertising, and one will soon see their business card collecting dust in the corner of a closet.

So, what is the verdict? Business cards may very well have made it to the stage where they are becoming second nature to most people. Nevertheless, that does not mean that they are the end-all and be-all of business promotion. While one will undoubtedly find plenty of uses for them on a digital level, do not let them rule the day. Remember that their first message is still needed to capture the attention of potential clients and customers, so use a business card in digital times wisely.


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5 Reasons why you still need to use a business card in digital times

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