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Electric Muscle Stimulation: The Workout That Does the Work

Everyone knows that the fitness industry is all about innovation and technological advancements these days. If you love to keep up with the latest trends in this industry, too – welcome to the club, you aren’t the only one. Here is everything you need to know about EMS training, one of the most recent fitness trends you should be familiar with. Just keep on reading and find out more about this type of training.

First of all, what is EMS training?

Electric muscle stimulation training, also known as EMS, is a revolutionary type of training designed to improve physical performance. It’s a safe and extremely effective method that uses electrical impulses to contract your muscles during a workout. But what makes it so special? Well, it doesn’t put any strain on your joints, which is exactly why it gained so much popularity. Did you know that EMS training was first used in the 1960s as a form of physical therapy that targets individual muscles? That’s right, and the situation has completely changed since then. It now uses groundbreaking equipment and addresses all muscles more intensively for a longer period of time. If you still haven’t tried it, it’s about time you did.

What does EMS training look like?

EMS training sessions are quite simple and straightforward. The first time you try it, the electrical impulses will be quite weak and hardly noticeable. However, as you make progress and your training session continues, your trainer will adjust the pulsing level depending on your needs. You’ll have to wear a specific suit that generates and delivers the impulses through electrodes to the surface of your skin, so that the muscles underneath it are stimulated. Each pulse lasts for four seconds and it causes your muscles to fully contract. After a four-second pulse, you’ll have four seconds of relaxation as well. Of course, your trainer will also show you the exercises tailored to help you reach your personal fitness goals. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

What do you need to do before and after a training session?

Before you decide to go for a training session in the best EMS studio out there, there are several things you need to know. First of all, you must get enough good night’s sleep. This is essential because getting enough rest is one of the best ways to refuel your body and give it energy for the upcoming workout. Besides that, make sure to have a smart yet light meal about half an hour before your EMS session. Also, don’t forget to get hydrated. Sufficient water intake is crucial when you’re physically active. It’s because you’ll be sweating a lot, which is why it is vital to drink enough water. When it comes to post-workout activities, stretching is highly recommended. It’ll improve your circulation and blood flow, which will help your muscles heal much faster. Just don’t skip any of these and you’ll see what we were talking about.

Does it really work and when does it give first results?

You’re probably wondering whether this type of training really works or not, right? Well, we must say that it certainly does! Of course, it all depends on many different factors, such as your age, everyday diet, how often you train, and overall health condition. But we must say that most people will start to see a difference after only four weeks of working out for 20 minutes, 1 to 2 times a week. That’s right, and some studies show that a 20-minute EMS training session over 12 weeks can reduce body fat by 9%, increase strength by 30%, engage about 98% of all muscles during a workout, and result in a 4 kg weight loss. Also, EMS training is completely safe for all healthy adults. So, if you have any specific illness, make sure to first seek medical advice and consult with a personal trainer before you start your session.

As you can tell, EMS training definitely is the workout that does the work. If you’re intrigued, all you need to do is to stick to our guidelines and pick the best EMS studio in your town. Once you do that, you’ll have a wonderful experience that inevitably brings fantastic progress. So, opt for EMS training and you’ll do a great job for yourself and your overall well-being.

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